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Take a whiff: Cannabis terpenes matter just as much as THC and CBD

By John Garvey Please don’t tell my parents how much I know about weed. Think of some of your favorite smells. Chimney smoke, sage, pine trees, lawn trimmings, lavender, the house in which you grew up. These obviously vary by person, but at least a couple of your 10 favorite smells are probably plant-based terpenes. … Even if you aren’t a pothead. There might not be a single more neglected […]

2018 Cannabis Rehash

2018 Cannabis Rehash

Err … recap 2018 was bookended by two major developments in the cannabis industry, and my oh my, what a lot of interesting stuff got sandwiched in-between! The year did not get off to a promising start for cannabusiness. On January 4, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo, to the dismay of dispensary operators and investors (not to mention virtually everyone in the entire country with dreadlocks). The […]