Fort Collins Phunklord Jason Heller

Jason Heller has been bringing the uplifting soul of Funk music through his unconventional DJing at Funk Club, now taking place every month at the Downtown Artery, 254 Linden St. It begins at 9pm and is only $5, making it easy for all ages to come and experience the wide range of diversity on the dance floor coming together under 70’s and 80’s classic Funk. Heller first fell in love […]

Music News

KCSU Inspiration

Rock n’ Roll is not dead thanks to DJ Emz! Otherwise known as Emily Mashak, a student and music enthusiast who has been keeping the heart of classic rock alive with her radio show Through the Decades at KCSU. Although she manages to play all of the classic rock hits from the 60s through 90s, it is her mission to make sure that “no show sounds the same.” Every week […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

1950’s Dreams Coming True

Calling all “Old Souls!” If the feeling of being born in wrong era is relatable, you’re in luck! Saturday, April 14th, from 6pm to 10 pm Fort Collins is hosting a Pin-Up Prom at The Whisk(e)y at 214 S. College Avenue to celebrate the 1950’s! This event was created by Dawn Duncan, founder of Yellowbright Inc., a public relation agency that markets for non-profits and small businesses. Through the marketing of Yellowbright, the idea […]


Yoga With a Mission

Kaitlin Mueller and her pop-up yoga events in Northern Colorado have localized animal yoga, a new craze sweeping over the nation. Kaitlin who is recognized as the creator of OmKai Yoga, started animal yoga classes 4 years ago in places of community gathering such as Downtown Artery and City Park. Community has always been central in Kaitlin’s passions, as well as her connection with nature and animals. She decided to […]


A Man Who Stands By His Brownies

Fort Collins Maka Kala’i, Pot Retailer and Director of Sales and Marketing for Organic Alternatives Dispensary, recently appeared in the NPR broadcast, “How Much Pot is in That Brownie? Wyoming Moves to Toughen Edible Marijuana Laws.” Kala’i, a staunch advocate of the decriminalization of cannabis, thinks Wyoming legislators who are debating two bills on regulating edible cannabis should pause to consider the ramifications of tougher laws involving the approximate amount of […]


Rise As Legends Levitates Fort Collins Metal Scene

Fort Collins local band Rise as Legends debuted their new EP release, “End of Ages” at the Downtown Artery February 9th alongside other local metal bands A Flood Foretold, Unreasonable Human, and Goat Hill Massacre from Denver. The EP signifies a feeling of satisfaction for Rise as Legends as it is their first recorded consolidation of four songs, building upon the foundation of their previous work. Band member Adam Quijano […]