The Sunset Lounge Has A Lot of Jazz and a Ton of Fort Collins Character

By Blaine Howerton Walking into the Sunset Lounge is like walking into a special place. Guests can find an express elevator to the classy 5th floor rooftop spot in the Magic Rat above the Elizabeth Hotel on Chestnut street in Old Town Fort Collins. Enter from the Magic Rat off the Firehouse Alley Entrance. The tables are situated like an old time lounge with couches and chairs in the middle […]


Cook Meet Share: Share Food and Stories Inspired by Library Cookbooks

What is COOK MEET SHARE all about? The purpose of Cook Meet Share is to bring together people from all backgrounds, tastes and cooking abilities to share food and stories around cooking. Although the program is targeted for adults, all ages are welcome. A special program for teens and kids is scheduled for July 2020. The program occurs every other month, beginning in September 2019. How will I know what […]

Windsor Mill Tavern

Risen from the Ashes — Windsor Mill Tavern

by Tim Downey After the fire of 2017 that leveled almost the entire structure of the Windsor Mill, we are proud and happy that on October 2, 2019 we opened our doors to a new beginning with the Windsor Mill Tavern. Built on the garden-level and opening to a patio with a fire pit on a heated cement floor, this is one of the few areas of the old mill to have survived the fire. Our […]


Top 5 Asian Takeout

By Blaine Howerton Cafe De Bankok | Fort Collins Find yourself warming up from the inside with Cafe De Bangkok’s wide variety of Asian dishes. The tasty Pad Thai is sure to please, but the selection of Thai Curries is even better. This Fort Collins staple in Campus West. The restaurant is usually packed full on Fridays and Saturdays, so it’s a wonderful take out option on a chilly fall […]

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An Insider’s Guide to the FoCo Book Fest

The fourth annual Fort Collins Book Fest returns in October to celebrate literature, Colorado writers, and community. This year’s event is billed as “a literary feast for the foodie in all of us” and explores food culture and food systems through books, poetry, and conversations. Over 40 authors will participate in book talks, panel discussions, cooking demos, readings, writing workshops, and other literary activities during the free two-day event. But, […]


Tom Kha Asian Bistro: Creative International Fusion

With all the entrees you expect in a Thai restaurant like the usual Pad Thai and Curries, imagine turning a menu page and coming upon many happy surprises. With a wide assortment of fresh Seafood, Oysters and Clams, Rack of Lamb cooked on an Asian grill, and dishes that make you wonder like Thai Cioppino Stew, Thai Fajitas, Thai Pescatore Seafood Pasta, Hong Kong Flounder, Korean Ribs, and among many, […]


Pop-up Pizzeria? Who Knew?

Introducing Nomad Micro Pizzeria! Picture hot, bubbly cheese and a charred, crunchy and chewy crust in a pizza baked incredibly fast! Not a fan of dairy? No problem! Choose from a number of variations. And not some pre-baked, reheated slice but a personal pie baked just for you to your specifications at the time and often the place you are most craving one. Does all this sound like Neopolitan-style pizza fantasy? […]


Hey Mikey, you’ll like it: Cooking a meal might help get kids to eat different foods

By Emily Kemme Sapna Von Reich wants to eliminate the fear of cooking at an early age. By offering kid-friendly, hands-on classes, she believes she’s making progress. With a goal of getting kids aged 6 to 12 comfortable in the kitchen, she encourages them to try new foods. Von Reich starts off by asking a rhetorical question that’s steeped in philosophy.  “What’s your favorite food? Pizza — well, how would […]


Old Spot or New — Where do you get your brunch on?

Old Spot or New — Where do you get your brunch on? by Emily Kemme Deciding about where to brunch is important. How many weekends have been wrecked because the brunch style didn’t fit — and that doesn’t mean what you’re wearing. Whether you’ve dressed in your Sunday best, pulled on some just-crawled-out-of-bed grunge, or stretched into the latest Lululemon, what often counts most is the menu and the environment. […]


Chef Amy Stacy of Jax Fish House is an ocean watchdog — and she’s creative, too

Growing up in agriculturally focused Missoula, Montana, Amy Stacy didn’t have much experience eating seafood. But armed with degrees in Culinary Arts and Food Management from the University of Montana, four years ago she walked through the door of Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar in Fort Collins to begin what would be a very close working relationship with fish.  As Chef de Cuisine for two years now, Stacy has […]