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Review: Head for the Hills @ Mishawaka, Sept 17

By Lindsay Nichols Head for the Hills brought their A-game Saturday, September 17 at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre with an unparalleled zeal that will resonate with attendees for weeks to come.  All dressed up and hot off the heels of a full summer of touring that has taken them to entirely new levels, these guys proved that practice makes perfect – they are sounding better than ever. Locked in with intensity […]

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CSU Radio Station Strives to Show More Support for Local Bands, Musicians

By Erik Myers At a time when cash-strapped colleges are selling off their FM licenses en masse, what’s the biggest issue facing KCSU-FM, the student-run station at Colorado State University? Try community involvement. “Up until this point,” says local director Nic Turiciano, “[KCSU] has done a pretty good job of representing independent music, but not Fort Collins music.” Turiciano, a journalism senior who sings for indie-psych band Cotton Keys, stresses […]

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Scene Speaks with Finnders & Youngberg

By Erika Iverson Finnders and Youngberg is a Colorado-based traditional bluegrass band that sticks to its roots. They have a timeless sound and family feel that makes them easy to connect with onstage, and they focus on building a genuine, heartfelt relationship with their audience. With many awards dispersed throughout the group, it’s easy to see why they sound so good: They are world class musicians who want nothing more […]

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Serendipity at Work – Magic Beans Begin to Sprout Along Front Range

By Charlie Englar There is yet another talented band growing out of the nurtured musical environment that is the tiny town of Nederland, Colorado. Yet The Magic Beans are no regurgitated form. The young group produces what electric and acoustic guitarist Scott Hachey dubs “space-funk, groove-grass and shredtronica,” the music a combination of “roots songwriting with inspired funk/electronica-based improvisation.” Citing musical inspirations such as The Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, Leftover […]

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Slideshow: Tower of Power @ Boulder Theater, August 7 2011

Tower of Power played an amazing set at the Boulder Theater on August 7, showcasing all of the band’s classic hits, greeting audience members and grooving with some new Colorado friends. SuperCollider (shown in the first few photos here) is a Boulder/Fort Collins jazz funk sextet that impressed audiences during their opening set. Check out Scene’s photos from the evening:

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Third Annual Festival Brings Top-Notch Acts to Laramie

  By Molly McCowan Carl Gustafson is passionate about music. When he decided to launch a yearly, state-of-the-art music festival, his partners and financial backers told him he could host it anywhere in the world. When he decided to bring the festivities to his hometown – Laramie, Wyoming – they were a bit surprised, to say the least. “My backers were shocked when I picked the least populated state in […]

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Scene Speaks with Emilio Castillo, Founder of Tower of Power

By Molly McCowan The members of legendary soul group Tower of Power (TOP) have been playing their signature infusion of funky, “get down” music for more than 40 years. Hailing from the Bay Area of California, the founding members of Tower of Power were originally known as “The Motowns.” After the band’s name change in 1970, legendary music promoter Bill Graham signed TOP to his label, San Francisco Records. That […]

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The Big Motif: Talented Young Musicians Driven to Succeed

By Dusty Ray Finding your niche as a young, up-and-coming band can be tough, but Denver-based trio The Big Motif has been navigating the waters of promotion and exposure with a positive attitude and a strong do-it-yourself work ethic. The Big Motif consists of Tony Pacello (guitar vocals), Hunter Roberts (Bass) and Jeff Jani (drums). The band met in their early teens through a radio contest built around forming a […]


Laporte Boasts Up-and-Coming Music Destination

By Lindsay Nichols A little north of the Fort Collins city limits lies a watering hole that is the perfect bike ride from town (the Poudre River bike trail practically takes you right to the front door). It’s Bar SS, in the town of LaPorte, and it offers the opportunity to take advantage of the magical Fort Collins trio: beer, biking, and music. (An added bonus to those that pedal […]

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Radio & TV Collide in an Effort to Highlight Local Young Musicians

By Charlie Englar A group that includes parents, fellow musicians, a voice coach, technicians and a writer are chatting in the control room of Poudre School District’s Channel 10 TV studio, basking in the afterglow of a marvelous recorded interview/performance by 14-year-old singer/songwriter phenomenon Lexi Shanley. Vincent Burkardt wouldn’t have it any other way. As congratulations are being passed around, artistic ideas and possible collaborations tossed this way and that, […]