Motet cover art

“Death or Devotion”

  CD Review “Death or Devotion” The Motet The opening notes of the first track on the new Motet album drop you straight into a classic blaxploitation film with a bass line reminiscent of “Shaft.” Take a look at the psychedelic rainbow of curves on the album cover. The 1970s vibe is no accident. Denver’s Motet has been funking up its home state since 1998, but the group has rarely […]

Sugar Britches

“Don’t Make Her a Mixtape Yet You Idiot”

Listen while you read — Sugar Britches “Don’t Make Her a Mixtape Yet You Idiot” on Spotify   Brian Johanson and Josh Long perform as Sugar Britches, northern Colorado’s answer to the Old 97’s. Both groups take roots music far more seriously than they take themselves. Both groups can write hooks that stick like flypaper. And both groups benefit from versatile guitarists and clever songwriters. The Old 97’s named its […]

Kosha Dillz live at the Aggie. Photo by Luke Sorgen
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What’s the Dillz on Kosha?

By Luke Sorgen Rami Even-Esh or better known as his MC name, Kosha Dillz, the 37-year-old rapper with a Jewish background, has a plethora of experience in the hip-hop music scene since he first rapped in 1999 at 17. Originally from Perth Amboy, New Jersey and living in Koreatown, Los Angeles, Dillz has been what some would call an “up-and-coming artist” although, the term is used lightly for what he […]

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Music Review: FAT STALLION, Diverted Eyes

By Mike Baron This Fort Collins based quartet trades in driving, upbeat rock that verges on power pop, particularly in album opener “Behind It, All,” sung by Riley Wilkes and Light Goodfellow with the urgency and minor chords of 20/20. Emma Dawn’s trumpet provides a wild hair-up-the-ass quality that makes them instantly identifiable. Emma sings “All I’ve Got,” summoning the ghost of Milwaukee’s great lost power poppers, The Shivvers. “Ask” could have come off […]

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Review: Mike Tolle, Acoustic Folk Blues

By Jasco The Recordium studio Acoustic Folk Blues is an apt title for Mike Tolle’s album. It’s a collection of thirteen blues songs in a vocal with acoustic guitar format. It has the vibe of an old-school blues performance captured with modern fidelity. Mike recorded and mixed the record himself. Unlike many home recordists who use their DAW (digital audio workstation) to sample, edit, auto-tune, and quantize their way to […]


“Eden’s Favorite Apple”

  CD Review “Eden’s Favorite Apple” Amy and the Peace Pipes By Steve Graham The title might reference original sin, and Amy Russell sings “we’re all going to die” in the first chorus, but Amy and the Peace Pipes remain musical beacons of joy and positivity on their new album. Listen while you read — Eden’s Favorite Apple on Soundcloud After all, Amy follows up the above lyric with “I’m […]

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Laid-back front porch blues you might hear on a sultry evening in rural Mississippi in 1949. Singer/picker Cary Morin exudes low-key charm working solo and small group, mostly acoustic, with Dexter Payne’s clarinet on “Let Me Hear The Music,” and harmonica elsewhere. Morin makes no bones about his love for Delta blues and it shows. The Grateful Dead’s “Dire Wolf” gets the blue-streaked Morin treatment, the only cover. The denser […]


“Damn Good Dog”

EP review “Damn Good Dog” Willy Tea Taylor and the River Arkansas By Steve Graham Mike Clark didn’t start playing and writing music until he was 27 but the songs have been flowing freely ever since. His band, The River Arkansas, is due to release a live album and at least one new studio album this year. Meanwhile, the group popped out a surprise EP, “Damn Good Dog,” with California […]


 Beautiful Boy, Boy Erased, and Ben is Back 

As we head into awards season, there’s one sure bet. At least one film about a young man facing a crisis will be garnering nominations — and possibly all three. “Beautiful Boy,” “Boy Erased,” and “Ben is Back” not only love the letter B. They all explore families struggling with addiction or homosexuality as they try to find a way to love their son while his actions threaten to destroy […]


Grace Kuch “Live at the Greeley Blues Jam”

By: Jasco Jasco is the guitarist for The Symbols and Stompit, and co-owner of the Recordium   Anyone who has been following the blues scene knows that across the nation every year there are several youths who seem to have a jump on their peers and get promoted as the future of the blues. Right here in Fort Collins we have one young lady that has been making such a […]