Craft Beer and fitness

I tried it… Orangetheory Fitness

As someone who loves running, and loves lifting, when I saw an ad for an Orangetheory Fitness class, I had a theory I’d love it. That theory proved correct. A quick scroll through their website showed me the first class was free, and just a ride down the road. I texted my workout buddy and after long deliberation to try and get our schedules synced, we settled on an early […]

“Tell Everyone” South to Cedars

CD review:South to Cedars

“Tell Everyone” South to Cedars     South to Cedars sound both more relaxed and more polished on their sophomore album, “Tell Everyone.” The difference is clear from the first notes. The debut album, “Sunny State,” opened with some frantic fiddle and an urgent warning about “young love.” The new release begins with relaxed acoustic guitar over lyrics about work-life balance — kind of a more folky and less cheesy […]


I tried it… Foco Da Vinci Body Studio

A few months ago I was walking the pup around Old Town and saw something peculiar. Tucked away, as a part of The Exchange—which typically houses a bunch of indulgent, yummy temptations—was a small fitness studio. It had boards, straps, and harnesses strewn about and I was instantly curious. Back home, and a few Google searches later, I uncovered the mystery: Foco Da Vinci Body Studio. After digging around on […]

Music News

Your Heart The Stars The Milky Way

The debut album from Daniel Rodriguez, guitarist/vocalist of Elephant Revival is a journey of the heart. Produced by Elephant Revival bandmate, Darren Garvey, and jack-of-all-trades. The soothing sounds of Rodriguez voice mix with some interesting music dynamics and stellar musicianship transport the listener into the storyline. The meridians of sound are substantially a traveling record with dreamscapes of other lands, deep experiences, and subtle endings. Your Heart The Stars The […]

Music News

“Sunday” CD review

    “Sunday” is Late Night Radio’s uplifting and funky answer to “Check Your Head.” Ironically, both albums open with retro-style vocal samples, but thereafter they mostly shun samples in favor of live guitars and drums. In 1992, the Beastie Boys moved away from the mind-boggling sample stew of “Paul’s Boutique” and adopted more instrumentation. Likewise, the latest LNR album forgoes the musical samples of earlier records and uses a […]

Race to Neptune

“Abandon Fashion”

  Race to Neptune “Abandon Fashion” Race to Neptune isn’t shy about loving the ’90s. They proudly proclaim their debt to the alternative era, and they wear some of their influences on their sleeves. “Departure” has some Ride-worthy shoegaze guitar swirl and the soaring melody of an early Smashing Pumpkins track. Elsewhere, “Mortal Melody” opens with minor-chord Soundgarden fuzz in a long, confident and slow-building instrumental intro. Then singer Brian Maier […]

Motet cover art

“Death or Devotion”

  CD Review “Death or Devotion” The Motet The opening notes of the first track on the new Motet album drop you straight into a classic blaxploitation film with a bass line reminiscent of “Shaft.” Take a look at the psychedelic rainbow of curves on the album cover. The 1970s vibe is no accident. Denver’s Motet has been funking up its home state since 1998, but the group has rarely […]

Sugar Britches

“Don’t Make Her a Mixtape Yet You Idiot”

Listen while you read — Sugar Britches “Don’t Make Her a Mixtape Yet You Idiot” on Spotify   Brian Johanson and Josh Long perform as Sugar Britches, northern Colorado’s answer to the Old 97’s. Both groups take roots music far more seriously than they take themselves. Both groups can write hooks that stick like flypaper. And both groups benefit from versatile guitarists and clever songwriters. The Old 97’s named its […]

Kosha Dillz live at the Aggie. Photo by Luke Sorgen
Music News

What’s the Dillz on Kosha?

By Luke Sorgen Rami Even-Esh or better known as his MC name, Kosha Dillz, the 37-year-old rapper with a Jewish background, has a plethora of experience in the hip-hop music scene since he first rapped in 1999 at 17. Originally from Perth Amboy, New Jersey and living in Koreatown, Los Angeles, Dillz has been what some would call an “up-and-coming artist” although, the term is used lightly for what he […]

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Music Review: FAT STALLION, Diverted Eyes

By Mike Baron This Fort Collins based quartet trades in driving, upbeat rock that verges on power pop, particularly in album opener “Behind It, All,” sung by Riley Wilkes and Light Goodfellow with the urgency and minor chords of 20/20. Emma Dawn’s trumpet provides a wild hair-up-the-ass quality that makes them instantly identifiable. Emma sings “All I’ve Got,” summoning the ghost of Milwaukee’s great lost power poppers, The Shivvers. “Ask” could have come off […]