Debbie Harry Remembers Old, Wild New York In New Book “Face It”

By Adam Perry Debbie Harry’s exciting new autobiography Face It is a stark contrast to Patti Smith’s creative new book Year of the Monkey. The latter finds Smith, who added Best Selling Author to her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career with 2010’s salad-days autobiography Just Kids, ruminating on her dreams, saying goodbye to old friends and, as one of her best songs goes, continuing to “fuck plenty with […]


EP Review: Double Funeral by Last Call Romance                                                    

  Watch and listen while you read — lastcallromanceband.com “Double Funeral, Vol. 1” Last Call Romance Our two music reviews this month are about releases designed to get you dancing, but in very different ways. The other album, from the Great Salmon Famine, will make you feel like you are tapping your toes in a spaceship. The new EP from longtime Fort Collins band Last Call Romance feels more like […]


Album Review: Kelp by Great Salmon Famine

Listen while you read at soundcloud.com/user-77760089  “Kelp!” Great Salmon Famine My other album review this month is about Last Call Romance, which seems to be swinging onto the dance floor from another century. On the other hand, the equally danceable Great Salmon Famine (GSF) might be from the future, or perhaps a faraway planet. Drummer Camden James has said he wants GSF to be the house band on a cruise […]


Son Little Brought His Blue Magic to Swallow Hill

Son Little “That swag, though,” a woman said in the silence at Swallow Hill’s Daniels Hall before Philadelphia-bred singer-songwriter Son Little–born Aaron Earl Livingston–began his set of soulful acoustic tunes on Sunday night. Blessed with a velvet voice and dressed in a snap-brim cap, tan jacket, purple shirt, auburn pants, and maroon leather Chuck Taylors, Little–who recently moved to Los Angeles–brought serious swag to one of Colorado’s most gentle venues. […]


The Nature of Storms Whippoorwill

The Nature of Storms Whippoorwill   Sportsball nerds play fantasy football. As a music nerd, I play fantasy concerts. It’s not an organized league or anything. It’s just me daydreaming about concert lineups and bucket list shows I would love to see. One of my current top fantasy shows would be Whippoorwill opening for the Highwomen. The Fort Collins alternative folk-rock trio perfectly complements the Nashville supergroup that unites Amanda […]


Jim Marshall: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide Whose Work Will Never Die

They don’t make ‘em like Jim Marshall (1936-2010) anymore. Not unlike Allen Ginsberg, Marshall – known mostly for his iconic photos of rock stars – was not just present. Still, at the center of numerous peaks of American culture, from the early ‘60s, San Francisco immortalized via Kerouac books and live Miles Davis albums to Bob Dylan’s babyfaced Greenwich Village days, the summer of love, Woodstock, Monterey Pop, the Beatles’ […]

Patti Smith’s debut novel, the autobiographical Just Kids, is already a true American classic, although it’s less than a decade old.
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What Dreams May Come: Patti Smith’s “Year of the Monkey”

Patti Smith’s debut novel, the autobiographical Just Kids, is already a true American classic, although it’s less than a decade old. The book viscerally and magically transports readers to a time when young, penniless, passionate artists could move to America’s biggest, most exciting and possibility filled cities and “make it” on the basis of nothing but talent, uncompromising work ethic, and unstoppable dreams. Year of the Monkey, released a few […]

Craft Beer and fitness

I tried it… Orangetheory Fitness

As someone who loves running, and loves lifting, when I saw an ad for an Orangetheory Fitness class, I had a theory I’d love it. That theory proved correct. A quick scroll through their website showed me the first class was free, and just a ride down the road. I texted my workout buddy and after long deliberation to try and get our schedules synced, we settled on an early […]

“Tell Everyone” South to Cedars

CD review:South to Cedars

“Tell Everyone” South to Cedars     South to Cedars sound both more relaxed and more polished on their sophomore album, “Tell Everyone.” The difference is clear from the first notes. The debut album, “Sunny State,” opened with some frantic fiddle and an urgent warning about “young love.” The new release begins with relaxed acoustic guitar over lyrics about work-life balance — kind of a more folky and less cheesy […]


I tried it… Foco Da Vinci Body Studio

A few months ago I was walking the pup around Old Town and saw something peculiar. Tucked away, as a part of The Exchange—which typically houses a bunch of indulgent, yummy temptations—was a small fitness studio. It had boards, straps, and harnesses strewn about and I was instantly curious. Back home, and a few Google searches later, I uncovered the mystery: Foco Da Vinci Body Studio. After digging around on […]