Fort Collins would B-Flat without KRFC!!! :D

by Rae McAlister - 1 month ago

Rae McAlister on Locally Sourced
October 28th 12-1pm16a1218f-aa86-3e05-9f7d-8d261380eb61.jpeg

Just go to this website and click on the  "listen now" at the top of the page to hear our radio spot!

This one-hour program featuring Colorado musicians, intertwining interviews and music.  I'll be playing with the extremely talented Dave Bauer and his lovely stand up bass Jane as well as his electric.  We'll have the honor of being on the air with Deni Larue who was the first DJ on the KRFC airwaves and has been 'on the air' northern Colorado for over 35 years.

Weaving stories both melodic and foot stomping, Rae McAlister's vocal stylings range from Folk to Rock to Baroque Pop.  Her go-to instruments are piano, guitar, and ukulele but her kicker is her heart, telling tales of love, loss, and the trails she's blazed.  Grabbing a little from every place she's lived, and played, you'll catch pieces of her heritage and Americana peeking up throughout all of her sounds.  Don't miss a chance to hear this songbird share her melodies!  

Overcoming many physical challenges to make her music Rae is an advocate for Ehlers Danlos and Thomsen's Disease.  

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