Hey, Businesses! What Do People Think Of You?

by Your Imprint - March 29, 2019

Gold Star Currency!


Gold stars can STILL label you exceptional, mediocre, or naughty.  Is your business seen as an asset to the community, or are you viewed as somewhat of a problem child when compared to the competition?  It matters.  Here's why:

If you have fewer reviews, a lower rating, or no responses to negative reviews, customers will write you off before you even get a chance.  

And, what about your existing customers?  Do they leave you positive reviews?  I'm betting many of them don't.  Let's make leaving a positive review easy and convenient for them.  Let's capture negative experiences BEFORE they go to the review sites. 

Check out our website, poke around, and order your free report!  You won't be disappointed with the information you get.

c12769b3-d1f6-3172-91b5-5dcda23e4366.jpegMy name is Rachael, and I'll be the one performing your reputation analysis.  I'm looking forward to learning how your business stands against the competition!     

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