Marlie's Stuffies for Emergency

by Marlie's Stuffies for Emergency - 1 month ago

"Marlie's Stuffies for Emergencies"  was started by Fort Collins native Marlie Walker to collect new stuffed animals which are donated to the UC Health Emergency department for 1st responders to comfort children in tragic situations. In 2018, 616+ stuffed animals were collected for its first donation to the emergency room of UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, CO during the month of November.

The organization was founded by now 9 year old Marlie Walker, in Fort Collins, CO, who lost her dad in a motorcycle accident in June of 2018. Marlie received a stuffed octopus, "Emmy," from nurse Rheatha at the emergency room when her dad was being treated and it gave her comfort; something to "hold tight."

Now, Marlie is on a mission to help other kids going through tough situations and she seeks to continue collecting "stuffies" for kids in need. The Drive will continue yearly starting November 1st, Cody Walkers birthday and go through Thanksgiving.

Please follow our facebook page for drop off locations and information on the Stuffies Drive for 2019.

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