Loveland Museum to feature Larimer County’s 2018 Visual Artist of the Year, Amelia Furman, in new Quest for Power Exhibition

Loveland Museum to feature Larimer County’s 2018 Visual Artist of the Year, Amelia Furman, in new Quest for Power Exhibition

The artwork of local artist and Larimer County Department of Natural Resources 2018 Visual Artist of the Year, Amelia Furman, will be featured in the Museum’s Mezzanine Gallery this spring and summer. The exhibition titled, Quest for Power will include artwork created by Furman’s hallmark technique of layered images along with relatable historic items from the Museum’s historic collection. Quest for Power is a history as art exhibition opening to […]

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Venue Guide – Downtown Artery

Arguably the most unique venue in the Fort Collins area, Downtown Artery serves as a multipurpose hub for artists and other content creators. It’s not just a concert venue, but a café, a studio space, and an art gallery – to name a few other purposes. Though it can be used as a platform for many different activities, the overall idea of Downtown Artery is to provide a space for […]

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Building a Community of Painters at Pinot’s Palette Fort Collins

Bold green, blue, and orange canvases dot the brightly lit Pinot’s Palette Studio. Voices remark on brush strokes, color choice, and fur type. Glasses of craft beer and red wine clink on the long tables. On this occasion at Pinot’s, located in the heart of Downtown Fort Collins on Mountain Avenue, class attendees are painting their pets. Each attendee has been given a canvas with an image of their animal […]

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Avenir Museum examines the fabric of history

There is a host of mundane tasks a handkerchief can perform. It can help you blow your nose, wipe your chin, or mop up a spill. Or, it can hang out of your back pocket as a subtle fashion accent and a symbol of your preparedness. But, as an ongoing Avenir Museum exhibit demonstrates, a handkerchief—more precisely, a collection of 1107 of them—can also tell the story of a life, […]



BY: HOLLY HIGHLIFE Let’s be honest. Yours truly is great with words but I suck at art. My artistic skills are generally limited to second grade stick figures. The thought of sipping wine while painting in public makes my palms sweat. I have performance anxiety that no amount of wine can fix. The few times I’ve done these events my “art” has gone home and directly to the trash bin. This is why I perked up when I saw a business […]


BY: CARIE GUESWEL  Running from August 5 through September 18, the Fort Collins Museum of Art, located at 201 S College Ave, will feature two exhibitions: Keepsakes by Adam Junior (Boulder) and Fun & Games by Elizabeth Morisette (Fort Collins). The concepts of both exhibitions are focused on the home and the domestic. Keepsakes will feature an installation of over 20,000 cast cement houses that visitors can walk through as well as a selection […]