TMULE— New Beginnings

By: Jennifer Ortega When Sean Lamborne, also known as TMULE, started work on his first solo EP release since mid-2000s, May 26th’s Wordless Lullabies, he found himself reflecting on his youth and the affect it had on him in the present day. “It’s more than just working through stuff,” he says. “Growing up means you’re going to work through your childhood the rest of your life in one way or another […]

Music News

EMMA MARIE Talks Music, Mentorship, and Collaboration

By: Ainhoa Palacios Northern Colorado has talent bursting at the seams. That is not news to those of us who reside here. Scene recently caught up with one these NoCo gems— Emma Marie, and her mentor, Vincent Burkardt, to get the scoop on her recent rise to United Kingdom stardom. Before we dive into the star herself, Emma Marie, we wanted to catch up with Vincent Burkardt, the founder and […]


Rent Rises Again

By: Rachael R. Worthington The Tony award-winning musical “Rent” is returning to the stage, 20 years after its debut as a groundbreaking voice of a generation. The production will be at the Lincoln Center December 1–3, and is staying true to the original production from the costume designer, to the set, to the sound — the only change is a new cast. “Rent” follows the lives of seven artists struggling […]



BY: AVALON CLARE Erin Cookman is punk, and I’m telling everyone. From the various piercings glinting in her face to her blue hair to her patch covered pants and tattered bandanna, it’s quite obvious. She’s the lead vocalist and guitarist in local street punk band Drunk Diggery, where she can be heard screaming her way through songs with names like Punk Riot. Anyone who has heard the grit and anger in her vocals for Drunk Diggery (think […]