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Album Review: Secrets’ Self-Titled LP

Despite what its name may suggest, the new self-titled album from San Diego post-hardcore quartet Secrets—which currently consists of vocalist/rhythm guitarist/keyboardist/pianist Richard Rogers, lead guitarist Michael Sherman, screamer Wade Walters and bassist Connor Branigan—is not a quiet thing. Whatever secrets the record contains are not whispered in hushed tones. Rather, they bleed forth in angsty vocals, heavy chords, and machine-gun drum parts. But the hardcore elements of the record do […]


Race to Neptune

By: Jennifer Ortega No one has ever called us generic before,” says Brian Maier, lead singer and guitarist of Race to Neptune, as he sits alongside his respective band members at a coffee shop in Fort Collins. He’s talking about the handful of recent reviews on their debut album Oh Contraire, which has ranked them a solid average of four out of five stars by critics across the nation. If […]


THE BEEVES: Punk, Surf, Rock, and Everything In Between

By: Avalon Clare A chance encounter brought a trio of rock ‘n’ roll teenagers crashing into my life. I had driven to see a friend’s band at The Forge: a small venue in an industrial area on the outskirts of Boulder. I made the drive for The Kominas, a desi-punk band from the East Coast, but the young band that followed them instantly captured my interest. I stood in the […]


THE SEASON OF AUTUMN BURN: New Album, Renewed Focus

By: Ali Owens It’s a calm and low-key evening on the patio of a local brewery, where I sit with the members of the melodic-rock-meets-metal band Autumn Burn. We are here to discuss their new structure and their upcoming album release, but we are interrupted by an enthusiastic young man who approaches to say hello. “You guys are in that band! You rock!” He points at Mikus Shoemaker, the band’s […]