By: Kaia Femenías Sitting down with Ayla Nereo turned out to be the most delightful part of my weekend. Sitting with her in a sunny field, we began to discuss everything from the underlying meaning of her music to her inspiring motivation through altruistic action. We met at her debut event, an Herbalism Action Day intended to promote the integration of natural medicines and herbs into modern society, a mission […]

Music News

The Underground Music Showcase Announces Second Round of Artists

  Yet another incredible festival is approaching. The Underground Music Showcase is the largest indie music festival in the Rocky Mountain region. Now, on its 17th year, this four-day celebration continues to celebrate local music and art, while donating all local net proceeds to the Denver Post Community, and Youth on Record. The first lineup announcement included almost 200 artists, and their latest lineup release includes Zola Jesus, Sleepy Sun, […]

Music News

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club Headlines Oskar Blues 20-Year Anniversary Party

By: Gretchen Gaede I was fortunate enough to catch up with Slim Cessna, eponymous band member of one of the most successfully unique acts to hail from Denver, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, to chat about their upcoming performance at Oskar Blues Brewery. Having woven such a critical thread in the fabric of the Colorado music scene and what has been dubbed the “Denver sound,” it was refreshing to hear both […]


ARISING To The Challenge

By: Rebecca LaPole Coloradans and adventurers rejoice! Beats Antique are now confirmed at ARISE Music Festival as well as Break Science! In case you missed the initial lineup announcement in the March issue, pioneers in their own genres, Atmosphere and Tipper, also round out some of the outstanding performers coming to Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, August 4-6. Also, breaking news for those of you who still haven’t purchased your tickets […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community


Back in October of 2016, Artspace, the nation’s leader in artist-led community transformations, visited Fort Collins hoping to gauge the interest and need to create more affordable housing and workspaces for local artist, and creatives. While the results of the meetings and focus groups conducted were positive, Artspace recommended a more in depth analysis. Well months later, the in depth analysis is in the form of online surveys. All individuals, organizations […]

Dome of Dreams at the Fiske Planetarium

By: Kaia Femenías Concerts are great. That is something most can concur to. But concerts in planetariums—EVEN BETTER. On Saturday, May 13th, Fiske Planetarium in Boulder will be presenting their debut event, “Dome of Dreams” under a psychedelic, 360-degree screen. “Dome of Dreams” will be taking its participants on “a dream-like experience through nature, outdoor space, and consciousness.” The entrancing visual art will be presented by local artist, Sam Stevens […]

Random Rab Immersed Aggie Attendees

By: Kaia Femenías The year is 2017. People are milling about with their nose pointed at their toes, eyes glowing with a stare interrupted by a fluorescent screen. They get into their vehicles and drive home, bury themselves in social media and enter a void of chemicals and disconnection. Yet the year is 2017, and opportunity is abundant.  The year is home to the flourishing artist Random Rab. Random Rab […]

Social Distortion at Boulder Theater

By: Ian Ehrhart Chuck Berry is blasting over the PA, a subtle homage to the late king of rock n’ roll, as I receive my X’s and hand over my ticket. I make my way through a maze of all different types of people on my trek to the front of the stage with a skip in my step and a twinkle in my eye, for I am a spry young […]

Random Rab’s Visit to the Aggie Sure is to Bring Magic!

By: Kaia Femenías On April 1, The Aggie will be transported into renowned electronic composer Random Rab’s glorious mind.  Favored for his intricate and compelling soundscapes, musician “Random Rab,” previously known as Rab Clinton, flourishes in a style of music unclassifiable. Wandering between down tempos and bass-rocking pieces, Rab brings his audience into an enticing, mystical world filled with an unfolding story of the complex and nostalgic memories. The artist […]