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Album Review: Secrets’ Self-Titled LP

Despite what its name may suggest, the new self-titled album from San Diego post-hardcore quartet Secrets—which currently consists of vocalist/rhythm guitarist/keyboardist/pianist Richard Rogers, lead guitarist Michael Sherman, screamer Wade Walters and bassist Connor Branigan—is not a quiet thing. Whatever secrets the record contains are not whispered in hushed tones. Rather, they bleed forth in angsty vocals, heavy chords, and machine-gun drum parts. But the hardcore elements of the record do […]

Toakesz: Tadpole Oakes Zamora Lifts His Heart up to the Sun!

By: Kelly Suda   Tyson Oakes Zamora, known as Toakesz, is a one-man band from Loveland that carries the heart of psyche rock vibes from San Diego. The album Tadpole Oakes Zamora Lifts His Heart up to the Sun! is representative of his free spirit that spreads the seeds of his real life experiences into a kaleidoscope of colorful soundscapes. The song “Belly Button Sun” is reflective of the unique […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Attack on Venus EP XO

By: Kelly Suda Attack on Venus’ new EP XO gives their label of alternative a whole new flow. Throughout the EP, their sound evolves by embracing their alternative roots with the introduction of grunge, psych rock, garage rock, and metal influences. Listening to “Album Youth” resembles “Longview” of 90s Green Day with a bass line you can catch yourself effortlessly bobbing your head to. XO manifests the classic alternative sound […]

There is no There – Marcos Martinez

By: Nate Day In his self-released soft-rock album, Marcos Martinez channels his inner Paul Simon and John Lennon with less oomph and excitement than his historical predecessors. While it’s clear that Martinez is a great guitarist and a more-than-decent lyricist, his vocals are fairly boring and the songs often lack the head-banging quality that Martinez and his team are shooting for. On the other hand, Martinez is able to perform […]

Kalamath — A.J. Fullerton

By: Nate Day   Northern Colorado is known for producing some of the best local music acts out there, and A.J. Fullerton is no exception. His debut album Kalamath features nine original folk-rock songs all written and sang by the 22-year-old artist. Sounding much older than he truly is (partly because of his voice, and partly because of his rich and meaningful lyrics), Fullerton features some other heavy hitters from […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Victim Culture – Victim Culture EP

By: Jeremy Fleischer 3 out of 5 Stars The self-titled debut EP from Denver’s Victim Culture is a full-on, relentless audial assault that only lasts 23 minutes but lingers long after. As FtLP Records Founder Johnny Wilson, who released the album, explains it, “This album is purposely sequenced to be listened to all together, gapless as a whole, song 1 to song 8.” This return to albums as a whole […]

ALBUM REVIEW: TMULE – Wordless Lullabies EP

By: Jeremy Fleischer 3 out of 5 stars Sean Lamborne of the rootsy Fort Collins rock band The Longest Day of the Year is set to release his first collection of solo work in over a decade. The four-song EP, titled Wordless Lullabies, is paired with a collection of poetry called Book of Dawn / I, The Iceberg. While not exactly companion pieces, both works examine emotional abandonment and the […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Post/War – Bloom

By: Jeremy Fleischer 2 out of 5 stars Denver’s Post/War just released its first EP, Bloom, since forming in 2015. There are five tracks and each track shows a band with a strong command of the angular, aggressive-yet-melodic post-rock music it’s crafting, as well as a singer with deep emotional vulnerability that can cover a wide-range of vocal styles. This is a winning combination for so many artists, and it […]

ALBUM OF THE MONTH:Choice City 7 – Freshman Year

By: Jeremy Fleischer 3.5 out of 5 stars Too often, artists take themselves and their art too damn seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they have no perspective on what it is they are doing and how it is being received. This failure of perspective often leads to art that only the artists truly get or enjoy, and does not allow for artistic growth. I mention all this because Fort […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Taarka – Fading Mystery

By: Jeremy Fleischer 2.5 stars out of 5 At the core of the Americana string band Taarka is Enion and David Pelta-Tiller, a talented wife-husband team from Lyons. And listening to their band’s most recent release you can get a sense for what their home must be like. The kitchen is the focal point, with drying herbs hung by coarse twine and endless loaves of seedy bread emerging from a […]