Cary Morin – Sing It Louder A well-traveled, world-renowned artist with multiple projects and groups, Cary Morin strips it down for his most recent solo release, Sing It Louder. Although he has help from percussionist Peter Knudson, Morin and his acoustic guitar are the driving force on this bluesy ballad/storyteller-style album. The smoothness and relative calm of Sing It Louder convey the vibe of a man and artist at ease with life and its many […]

Halden Wofford & The Hi*Beams – Live! At Hodi’s The taste and feel of live music is second to none. When a super-group like Halden Wofford & The Hi*Beams produce a live album, it’s impossible to not take notice. Recorded in January 2011 at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, Live! At Hodi’s displays all the rollicking, honky-tonk, whiskey-soaked goodness for which Wofford and the Hi*Beams are known. Wofford’s distinctly twangy, barbed-wire vocals conjure up images of Hank […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Community Funded: A New Avenue for Local Collaboration and Project Funding

By Charlie Englar Local business man McCabe Callahan, who currently owns the pair of Mugs Coffee Lounge restaurants in Fort Collins, is in the process of putting together a very unique and one-of-a-kind website. The goal of said website? Generating funding for any type of project one may come up with. Callahan, A CSU graduate, is teaming up with other CSU graduates and local business owners to launch The […]

Tyler T. – A World to Wander

By Charlie Englar The free-spiritedness and lofty, cloud-like energy radiating from Tyler T.’s album, A World To Wonder, is something both magnetic and captivating. The solo artist is a self-described “one-man band,” and he brings to mind a combination of Keller Williams and Xavier Rudd. Looping techniques and the didgeridoo are at the center of Tyler’s being, with a slew of other instruments finding their way onto A World […]

Tucker Mountain Band – Tucker Mountain Band

By Charlie Englar Old-school, Appalachia-style, structured and straightforward: Just the way the forefathers of bluegrass would have it. On Tucker Mountain Band, TMB uses a majority of bouncy, banjo-driven tunes, highlighted with group harmonies and sing-songy lyrics. It’s quite remarkable that all except one of the lifetime musicians in TMB had never played bluegrass before the group was formed in 2007. The music created on Tucker Mountain Band is […]

Jon Dakota – Big Magic

By Charlie Englar Words with wisdom carry a lot of weight, especially when a lifetime of ups and downs is described via the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar and harmonica. Jon Dakota lets this fused puzzle of delivery fly on Big Magic: A troubadour-style tell-all set in the Americana tradition of “I’ve been down this road before, and let me tell ya about it.” Dakota’s wearied and withered voice […]

Music News

Touch Monkeys Return to FoCo Music Scene After 20 Years

By Charlie Englar First impressions are always a funny and fickle thing, but local musician Ray Tait knows how to knock one out of the park. Meeting at the Steakout Saloon in Fort Collins on a cold and snowy Friday night, Mr. Tait broke the ice by offering a certain journalist a shot of Jägermeister. The vibe of the interview was solidified right then and there. Formed by Tait, the […]

Music News

Synergy: Local Youth Strive to Bring Punk Rock Back

By Charlie Englar The youth movement in the Colorado punk scene is in full gear, with the driver’s seat occupied by an insightful and energetic trio from Arvada. Synergy is Josh Rock on guitar (15 years old), Ryan Teater on bass (15 years old) and Jay Rock on drums (18 years old). And yes: Rock is their real last name, Josh and Jay are brothers and they can play. When […]

SHEL – When The Dragon Comes Down EP

By Charlie Englar Classical training and profound emotional and musical intelligence burst from the seams on the newest release from the Fort Collins-based sisterhood quartet that is SHEL. When The Dragon Comes Down, an EP, displays all the beautiful and bountiful musical blossoming that is happening for the Holbrook sisters. Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza (SHEL) blend mesmerizing harmonies with what can best be described as Irish folk music. Gentle […]

Papa Juke – Out Of The Blues

By Charlie Englar The combination of rock, blues, R&B, funk and jukebox jive is quite a conglomeration of musical sounds for a single group to produce. Papa Juke creates just this type of flavorful foundation of musical goodness on their newest studio release, Out Of The Blues. The Colorado-based quartet presents seasoned musicians who seem aptly fit to run through the musical carousel found on the album. Mad Dog Friedman’s […]