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Top 5 Places to Fulfill your Chocolate Craving in Northern Colorado

  Nuance Chocolate | Fort Collins   Walking into Nuance Chocolate, located at 148 W Oak St, #D in Old Town Fort Collins, is a truly magical experience. Not only does it smell amazing, but everything looks — and tastes — amazing. A true bean-to-bar chocolate company, Nuance is one of few companies in the country that makes chocolate from raw cacao beans. They also have the largest selection of […]



By: Jack Tallgrass Hate Valentine’s Day? Love it? Either way you feel…..warm and lovey or salty as hell, you know who is always there for you? The reefer. Mary Jane. Your BUDZ.  Honestly, as long as I have some great herb on V Day, there is no losing, because CANNABIS IS FOR LOVERS. If you are spending V-Day alone: Love Thyself like the Dude. Your herb will go a lot […]



By: Ali Owens Behind every good beer, there’s a story – and as the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, there are a lot of good beers to choose from.  Below are the unnerving, spooky and completely true* legends that inspired some of Northern Colorado’s most delightfully indulgent dark beers. COOPERSMITHS Welcome To The Dark Side Chocolate Malt Stout In 17th-century England, there lived a brewer named Dudley […]