Così fan tutte – “A School for Lovers”

Così fan tutte pairs comedy and commentary at its best, set to some of the most extraordinary music Mozart ever wrote. Two couples find that love and fidelity isn’t quite black and white through a zany turn of events, sprinkled with disguise, deceit, and wager run out of control. Loveland Opera Theatre continues the tradition of telling operatic stories in beautiful settings, bringing Così to life in an idyllic Impressionist […]


“Damn Good Dog”

EP review “Damn Good Dog” Willy Tea Taylor and the River Arkansas By Steve Graham Mike Clark didn’t start playing and writing music until he was 27 but the songs have been flowing freely ever since. His band, The River Arkansas, is due to release a live album and at least one new studio album this year. Meanwhile, the group popped out a surprise EP, “Damn Good Dog,” with California […]

Consider The Source photo by Sonsini Media

Consider the Source – Hodi’s Half Note – Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017

At Hodi’s Half Note Saturday, New York-based trio Consider the Source transcended the lexicon by which music is described. With just a guitar, a bass and a drum set, the band created and traversed a rich musical landscape that is worth writing about, inadequate lexicon notwithstanding. Guitarist Gabriel Marin, bassist John Ferrara and drummer Jeff Mann are the men behind the magic. Marin wields a fretless, double-necked ax capable of […]