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Your Heart The Stars The Milky Way

The debut album from Daniel Rodriguez, guitarist/vocalist of Elephant Revival is a journey of the heart. Produced by Elephant Revival bandmate, Darren Garvey, and jack-of-all-trades. The soothing sounds of Rodriguez voice mix with some interesting music dynamics and stellar musicianship transport the listener into the storyline. The meridians of sound are substantially a traveling record with dreamscapes of other lands, deep experiences, and subtle endings. Your Heart The Stars The […]

Leftover Salmon

Thirty years of Leftover Salmon stories

 Boulder band’s musical book tour coming to Washington’s By Steve Graham A good road trip is more about the journey than the destination. Likewise, a music festival is more about the experience than the performance. Something special and memorable happens almost every time bands and fans hang out for a few days to jam and bond. Sure, there are unexpected collaborations and transcendental tunes. But nearly everyone who has traveled […]


“Damn Good Dog”

EP review “Damn Good Dog” Willy Tea Taylor and the River Arkansas By Steve Graham Mike Clark didn’t start playing and writing music until he was 27 but the songs have been flowing freely ever since. His band, The River Arkansas, is due to release a live album and at least one new studio album this year. Meanwhile, the group popped out a surprise EP, “Damn Good Dog,” with California […]

Consider The Source photo by Sonsini Media

Consider the Source – Hodi’s Half Note – Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017

At Hodi’s Half Note Saturday, New York-based trio Consider the Source transcended the lexicon by which music is described. With just a guitar, a bass and a drum set, the band created and traversed a rich musical landscape that is worth writing about, inadequate lexicon notwithstanding. Guitarist Gabriel Marin, bassist John Ferrara and drummer Jeff Mann are the men behind the magic. Marin wields a fretless, double-necked ax capable of […]

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Twelve months after opening its doors to the public, the Music District is in full swing with their mission of creating community and supporting a diverse musical ecosystem. Built on the foundation of making music accessible to everyone, the vibrant hub has welcomed a steady influx ranging from professional touring musicians to curious locals. The inaugural year boasted 138 events with 5599 total event attendees who learned about the art […]


By: Kaia Femenías Sitting down with Ayla Nereo turned out to be the most delightful part of my weekend. Sitting with her in a sunny field, we began to discuss everything from the underlying meaning of her music to her inspiring motivation through altruistic action. We met at her debut event, an Herbalism Action Day intended to promote the integration of natural medicines and herbs into modern society, a mission […]


Swing Station’s A Good Place to Hide for the Gasoline Lollipops

By: Rebecca LaPole Just before the Gasoline Lollipops played Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland and sold out the Blue Ball for the first time in its history, lead singer Clay Rose shared his memories of Fort Collins, which he called, “the best music city in Colorado by far.”  “There are so many venues up here,” Rose said, “so many different sizes for every different level, professionally, as long as what […]

Kounter Kulture – Addiction Patriotic (Single)

By: Jeremy Fleischer 2/5 STARS The title of the latest single from Fort Collins hip-hop artist Kounter Kulture is meant to be provocative: Addiction Patriotic. Surely those who view patriotism as a virtue will take offense to it being compared to an addiction. And those that would tend to agree that patriotism inspires a false and dangerous high would also be curious to hear what Kounter Kulture has to say. […]

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By: Rebecca Lapole Grayson Erhard is a hard-working man. You may recognize him from Aspen Hourglass and Pandas & People, but now he is on his own creating some amazing tunes and proving that an artist can also be a savvy business man. Born and raised in Del Norte, CO, he started with a little guitar on his lap at four years old. “My mom kicked it off for me […]


THE BEEVES: Punk, Surf, Rock, and Everything In Between

By: Avalon Clare A chance encounter brought a trio of rock ‘n’ roll teenagers crashing into my life. I had driven to see a friend’s band at The Forge: a small venue in an industrial area on the outskirts of Boulder. I made the drive for The Kominas, a desi-punk band from the East Coast, but the young band that followed them instantly captured my interest. I stood in the […]