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Avenir Museum examines the fabric of history

There is a host of mundane tasks a handkerchief can perform. It can help you blow your nose, wipe your chin, or mop up a spill. Or, it can hang out of your back pocket as a subtle fashion accent and a symbol of your preparedness. But, as an ongoing Avenir Museum exhibit demonstrates, a handkerchief—more precisely, a collection of 1107 of them—can also tell the story of a life, […]


Stadium Sessions Brings a New Sound to Game Days

This week marked the start of another school semester for students. With classes underway, football games are following close behind, with a recent addition. CSU has revealed a new series of live performances by beloved Colorado bands happening Friday evenings, as well as prior to kickoff on Saturdays called Stadium Sessions. CSU, The Music District, and the Bohemian Foundation’s live music booking team have partnered to bring over 30 bands this […]


New Collaboration Beer Between New Belgium & Colorado State Available Today

By: Ainhoa Palacios New Belgium Brewing and Colorado State University have teamed up to create yet another new brew. Old Aggie Superior Lager is a crip golden lager that features CSU’s ram mascot. With green and orange vintage packaging, the beer hopes to bring through the school’s agricultural history. Old Aggie will be available year-round, as well as across Colorado in mid-August. But for now, Fort Collins is the only […]