Satire: Two Guitarists Seek Bassist, Drummer for “Vowel Obstruction”

By Devin Morse, Esteemed Satirist & Resident Voodoo Expert Dear Craigslist, We are two passionate guitar players seeking a bassist and drummer in the Fort Collins/Loveland area for a spoken-word, experimental, Steampunk mash-up project. Are you our missing member? Our group is called “Vowel Obstruction.” We’ve already played a few shows with this name, but we’re willing to take suggestions on a new one. We might be looking for something […]

Miscommunicado – L'Ocean

By Devin Morse Miscomunicado is a self-described progressive psychedelic blues-rock band with a fitting name. That is, the labels “progressive” or “bluesy” may be a “miscomunicado” on their part. Still, they certainly embrace psychedelic rock: A few keywords for this album would be reverb, delay, and phase-shifter. (On a different ratings scale, it would receive four bongs.) In their freshman effort, Miscomunicado offers an impressive creative drive and songwriting […]

Elway – Delusions

By Devin Morse Elway is energetic, fun and probably much better at playing punk rock than football. Delusions will bring you back to the good old days of NoFX, Blink 182 and Flogging Molly, while simultaneously dishing out healthy amounts of hilarious irony at the expense of your favorite organized religion. There are probably a thousand bands across America playing the exact same power chords, singing with the same raspy […]

The Don’ts and Be Carefuls – Sun Hits EP

By Devin Morse Sun Hits is stormy and subdued, yet quietly upbeat and pop-sensible. The seven-track album is an indie-rock Frankenstein stitched with a synth threading. One may glean bits of The Strokes, Modest Mouse, The Shins or Death Cab for Cutie. From amidst the driving beats and ambivalent, angst-laden vocals flows a certain post-modern sentiment that suggests tight jeans, Wayfarer sunglasses, and general hipsterism. The songs rely heavily on […]

Give 'Er Hell – Destroyinat'er

By Devin Morse In a number of ways, Destroyinat’er is the proverbial whiskey-drenched leather jacket that defined heavy rock two decades ago. Without fail, Give ‘er Hell sports the brand of old-school greasiness that justifies chain-smoking an entire pack of cigarettes, downing a fifth of booze, setting something on fire, or overlooking clever lyrics for a good, easy time. Destroyinat’er could easily have been the heavy rock parents warned their […]

12 Harmonic Chaos – Protean Phonesthesia

By Devin Morse Spacey, ambient, and minimalist, Protean Phonesthesia is somewhat alien. More specifically, this 14-track album is the creation one may expect of a stranded and musically-inclined Martian who happens across an acoustic guitar, a scale book, and a number of Butthole Surfers, David Bowie, and The Postal Service CDs. Hyper-critical martian brethren might dismiss this creation as passé, typical, or smacking (at times) too sentimentally of Metallica’s acoustic […]

The Foot – The Hangman EP

By Devin Morse If your playlist includes Blind Melon, Maroon 5, Ween, The Darkness or Jamiroquai, you need to check out The Foot. – immediately. This band, experimental rock at its core, is not afraid to reach into the realms of funk, grunge and soul to deliver a clever, original and silky-smooth catchiness. Some aspects of The Hangman EP are epic enough and so over-the-top that they come off as […]

Vandelay Industries – Critter

Devin Morse Critter is a combination of Weezer, Modest Mouse, and The Strokes that could easily bring the listener back to 2004. Vandelay Industries presents a recipe for alternative rock that was extremely popular seven or eights years ago. Still, the sound remains current, and draws on a number of recent influences: One will catch bits of Spoon, Franz Ferdinand and The White Stripes as well. Overall, Critter has a […]

The Campaign Trail: P.J. McFlinger's, 2012

By Devin Morse Man, when I become president, things are going to be different. We’re talking change. Not the B.S. “change” we’re always hearing about, where everything ends up staying the same, but real change. As president, I plan to tackle this country’s greatest challenges with the decisive tact and expedient manner of a true professional. I intend to listen carefully to the issues and concerns of everyday citizens and […]

Nautical Mile – Invisible Ink EP

By Devin Morse At first, it’s a little hard to measure Nautical Mile. Imagine what Evanescence would sound like if they fully grasped the concepts of scales, chords and creative song structure. Add to this some catchy vocal melodies, a few well-placed pick slides, and a healthy amount of talent, and Invisible Ink will move you by at least some measurable distance. Comparing Nautical Mile to the plastic, mass-produced sound […]