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EDM will come to the fore at FoCoMX

  The Aggie’s alien invasion   Festival includes two DJ showcases By Steve Graham FoCoMX is made for a guy like Chris Weller. To paraphrase talk-radio callers, he’s a long-time listener and first-time artist. “I’ve been attending FoCoMX for years, and I love that we have this local, multi-day, take-over-Old-Town festival dedicated to local musicians in Northern Colorado,” Weller said in an email interview. “This is my town and I’m […]

Diving Deep with Waylo

Diving Deep with Waylo

How does an artist combat oversaturation? Well, they grow to become more potent. Through a deep, dark, glitched-out lens, Denver-born Waylo has accomplished just that. Coming up in a state considered globally as a mecca for bass and electronic music, Waylo has made strides in Colorado; gaining recognition across the spectrum, from internationally-acclaimed underground institutions like Sub.Mission, to one of North America’s top-ranked clubs, Beta Nightclub (prior to its closing […]

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KCSU Celebrates Independent Radio

College Radio Day was created by the College Radio Foundation to recognize independent radio across the globe. KCSU had live DJs in the studio all day on October 6, and broadcast live at the CSU Plaza to celebrate. Student-designed and student printed T-shirts were given to KCSU listeners to thank them for their commitment to local and independent music. Thanks to everyone who supports local, independent radio. The platform of […]

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By: Avalon Clare There is nothing ordinary about the multifaceted electronic producer and DJ Miss Jaedha. She stands at 6 feet tall, runs her own business, has a STEM degree, and taught herself everything she knows about production. Even with that list of accolades, her personality has a kindness, humility, and gentleness that’s hard to come by. Her disposition alone would never reveal a life that has been marred by death […]

Sound Remedy: A Heartfelt Goodbye

By: Kaia Femenías Last Saturday, September 17th, brought tears to the eyes of many fans as 28-year-old DJ “Sound Remedy” performed his final concert in Colorado at the Mishawaka Amphitheater. As the sun went down, the venue became packed with dedicated fans determined to see the talented artist one last time. When the young DJ announced his departure on Facebook, he left many with questions as to why he was leaving […]