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Multi-Talented Young Artist Charts Her Own Course

By Emily Clingman Sometimes artists don’t have to be famous or seasoned to be recognized. Fort Collins nurtures lots of up-and-comers, and one young particular young woman has claimed her space in the ranks of emerging artists. At 17, Angela Georgette Natrasevschi loves to paint and sing, but it’s the meaning behind her work that brings out the artist in her. “A lot of my work is a balance between […]

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Dead Floyd: Taking the Animals Out of the Farm

By: Emily Clingman What do pigs, sheep and dogs, dudes in a band, and the Mishiwaka have in common—a one-time-only performance of Pink Floyd’s, Animals, by FOCO’s favorite cover band, Dead Floyd. Fans can expect to hear the album played under the stars in its entirety with DF’s signature twist, that will likely include some Grateful Dead tunes intermixed throughout the show. The band is particularly excited about performing Animals […]

Mosey West – Merica

By Emily Clingman In the true spirit of Americana music, Mosey West’s sophomore album, Merica, feels like a back yard barbecue or a summer road trip. The raspy harmonies of Mike McGraw and Adam Brown tug at your heartstrings while singing about passing the bottle, the hard times had, how hometown heroes don’t give a damn and moving on. The three-man band, including Matt Weitz, is laid back but strong […]

LeeLah – Kali’s Fire

By Emily Clingman Self described as an original world beat rock band devoted to wholeness, oneness, healing and connection to the divine, local group LeeLah debuts with Kali’s Fire. With 11 songs about yoga, peace and love, there’s a lot to draw from for inspiration and spiritual meditation. “Right Here Right Now,” starts with a buoyant hand drum beat that has an almost ambient electronic feel to it. The song […]

Local Revolutionaries Promote Social Change Through Their Music

By Emily Clingman Many people who take the stage to entertain others are driven by dreams of fame and money. It’s less common to hear of musical artists who perform out of necessity.  But it’s that very sense of accountability that compels Jamal Skinner to bring essential ideas to his audience. Also known as Ras Ifficial, the front man for reggae band, Dubskin, Skinner takes a no holds barred approach […]

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Mishawaka Gearing Up for 2012 Season

By Emily Clingman With an internal makeover, more professional operating standards, and a new shuttle service, the legendary Mishawaka Amphitheater has settled into its revitalized image and owner, Dani Grant, couldn’t be happier. “We set the bar high last summer and we’re super excited about the success,” she said. One significant change that worked well was the new shuttle service. Gone are the days of driving up to a show […]

Culturally Infused Jam Band Presents Music With Meaning

By Emily Clingman For a bunch of laidback guys from the Midwest, Eufórquestra, a band of seven members, delivers a musical punch to hip-shaking audiences around the country. “We really just love playing groove-oriented dance music,” said Mike Tallman, guitarist and vocalist for the band. “We don’t focus on one particular genre.” Groovy it is – the band’s sound could be described as a bold and energetic combination of African […]

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SHEL: Talented Sister Act Continues to Amaze

By Emily Clingman I first met with the Holbrook sisters (otherwise known as SHEL) three years ago. Just barely emerging from their teens, these talented young women were getting their feet wet in the music industry. Under the encouragement of their father and long-time local musician Andrew Holbrook, SHEL honed in on their inherited musical talents and formed a family-style folk band. This was no quirky variety show act (not […]


Fort Chronic: Challenging Social Stigma Surrounding Marijuana

By Emily Clingman There’s a new movement growing in town, and it started with a clothing idea. Fort Chronic Clothing Company opened its online doors in October, selling apparel featuring marijuana leaves in its designs. The business name is a play on words: “Chronic” is often used to describe high-grade marijuana. Fort Collins has a reputation for producing some of the finest bud around; hence, Fort Chronic. The business name […]

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Unconventional Galleries Enrich Old Town with Art-Filled Walls

By Emily Clingman It’s no secret that Fort Collins is a booming art town, but many artists are still in the dark when it comes to exposing their talent. Without their own galleries or significant funds available to rent space in existing galleries, many aspiring artists go unnoticed. Fortunately, there are several alternative venues in the Fort that cater to local artists with unique opportunities for them to showcase their […]