ALBUM REVIEW: Attack on Venus EP XO

By: Kelly Suda Attack on Venus’ new EP XO gives their label of alternative a whole new flow. Throughout the EP, their sound evolves by embracing their alternative roots with the introduction of grunge, psych rock, garage rock, and metal influences. Listening to “Album Youth” resembles “Longview” of 90s Green Day with a bass line you can catch yourself effortlessly bobbing your head to. XO manifests the classic alternative sound […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Victim Culture – Victim Culture EP

By: Jeremy Fleischer 3 out of 5 Stars The self-titled debut EP from Denver’s Victim Culture is a full-on, relentless audial assault that only lasts 23 minutes but lingers long after. As FtLP Records Founder Johnny Wilson, who released the album, explains it, “This album is purposely sequenced to be listened to all together, gapless as a whole, song 1 to song 8.” This return to albums as a whole […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Post/War – Bloom

By: Jeremy Fleischer 2 out of 5 stars Denver’s Post/War just released its first EP, Bloom, since forming in 2015. There are five tracks and each track shows a band with a strong command of the angular, aggressive-yet-melodic post-rock music it’s crafting, as well as a singer with deep emotional vulnerability that can cover a wide-range of vocal styles. This is a winning combination for so many artists, and it […]

Traversing from FoCo to Summer Camp: Journey with Karlyle ‘Krushendo’ Walker

By: Rebecca LaPole At the Summer Camp: On the Road contest, local (by way of Cali) DJ Krushendo (Karlyle Walker) propelled himself from the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins to the start of his hottest summer yet. A dynamic, bass-heavy, melodic, and visually stunning set landed Krushendo a spot on the lineup at Summer Camp Music Festival, taking place in Illinois next month. The up-and-coming DJ contributed his time to […]


ALBUM OF THE MONTH By: Jeremy Fleischer 4/5 STARS   American Blackout’s brand of alternative/punk rock will feel immediate familiar to any fans of the genre. The gritty yet melodic vocals, the high ping of a dry snare hit, the driving, aggressive guitars – there are countless bands with this sound, and American Blackout make little effort to personalize the music. So, why 4 stars for something hardly unique? Well, […]

Augustus – The Mercury EP

By: Jeremy Fleischer 3/5 STARS Past releases from Boulder’s Augustus have established the trio as a mostly acoustic act with a fresh take on Americana music. Rather than write from a sense of nostalgia, the band used elements of bluegrass and blues to write solid songs with undeniable contemporary flair. Welp, all that has changed – or has it? This past August, Augustus released The Mercury EP, an album of […]

The Ugly Architect —The Ugly Architect EP

By: Jeremy Fleischer 2 Stars This is the first recording we’ve heard from The Ugly Architect, the work of Fort Collins’ singer-songwriter William S. , and it shows great promise. Perhaps that sounds like a back-handed compliment, but it’s meant to be taken at face value. This album has some real strengths, most notably the lyrics. The title “singer-songwriter” comes with the implication that lyrics are tantamount to any other element, and The Ugly Architect […]