“Eden’s Favorite Apple”

  CD Review “Eden’s Favorite Apple” Amy and the Peace Pipes By Steve Graham The title might reference original sin, and Amy Russell sings “we’re all going to die” in the first chorus, but Amy and the Peace Pipes remain musical beacons of joy and positivity on their new album. Listen while you read — Eden’s Favorite Apple on Soundcloud After all, Amy follows up the above lyric with “I’m […]


“Damn Good Dog”

EP review “Damn Good Dog” Willy Tea Taylor and the River Arkansas By Steve Graham Mike Clark didn’t start playing and writing music until he was 27 but the songs have been flowing freely ever since. His band, The River Arkansas, is due to release a live album and at least one new studio album this year. Meanwhile, the group popped out a surprise EP, “Damn Good Dog,” with California […]

Sharon Martinson

The Littlest Birds hail high from the Rocky Mountains, with a sound as lonesome as the wind, and as sweet as spring flowers at dawn. Fronted by Wyoming’s award-winning banjo player, Sharon Martinson, the duo’s strong vocal harmonies complement their instrumental prowess, bringing song-crafting to life. Sharon is currently Wyoming’s musical ambassador, winning the state’s lone Performing Artist of the year award (Wyoming Arts Council), as well as being a […]

Mirror Fields in their home studio. Photo by Cynthia Wilson

​Mirror​ ​Fields: Self-Written and Self-Produced

  Mirror Fields ​merges​ ​​Americana rock roots and progressive compositions within overall pop structures.​ ​Mirror​ ​Fields self-written and self-produced album release is on September 14 at Surfside 7 with openers Chess at Breakfast. The five-piece formed​ ​in​ ​Fort​ ​Collins​ in 2017. The group consists of Josh Martin on vocals and rhythm guitar, Simon Martin/drums, Liz Gaylor/violin, Michael Crouch/lead guitar and Seeder Whaley on the bass. Josh Martin (songwriter and vocalist) […]

Dead Floyd plays the Mishawaka 6/16 for the ninth year.
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Dead Floyd’s Annual Mishawaka Performance is Here

Dead Floyd is a regionally touring band from the Front Range that started in Fort Collins nine years ago. The band has a devoted following as it blends tunes from two bands, the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, but members create a matchless sound of their own. Since the band’s conception, they play the Mishawaka every year. Dead Floyd is one of the few local bands that packs the Mish […]

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Local Culture, Arts & Community

Humanitarian Aid for Musicians in Puerto Rico

With all the unprecedented natural disasters occurring around us, in Colorado, we can feel like the eye of the storm. However, we don’t want to just feel safe, we want to give back and help those in our country who have been affected by floods, fires, hurricanes, and terror. This humanitarian feeling found life in the Rocky Mountain Music Relief (RMMR) group who is partnering with MusiCares to present several […]

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Euforquestra – Aggie Theatre – Sat., October 28, 2017

By: Will Black Euforquestra, the current incarnation of which consists of female vocalist Kim Dawson (of Pimps of Joytime), keyboardist Matt Wright, bassist Otis Lande, drummer/vocalist Jeff Peterson, guitarist/vocalist Mike Tallman, trumpeter Matt Bricker and saxophonist/vocalist Austin Zaletel, took the stage Saturday at Aggie Theatre, delivering a set comprised exclusively of Led Zeppelin classics. Euforquestra stuck to Zeppelin’s script for iconic anthems like “Immigrant Song” and “Rock and Roll,” both […]

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Online Musical Matchmaking

Photo by: Tomas Herrera ItyDity.com is the premier music production network and marketplace. On ItyDity, artists can hold contests to find producers and session musicians who can help elevate their demos and EP’s to the next level. A singer-songwriter herself, ItyDity’s founder, and co-worker at The Music District in Fort Collins, Emily Satterlee aims to make it easier for artists to find collaborators who understand their musical vision and to […]