HempVe App building a stronger hemp community

HempVe Provides a Unique Platform where Hemp Enthusiasts can Connect with Each Other to Build a Stronger Hemp Community Brand new Fort Collins-based startup company is a hemp classified website where companies who grow, produce, wholesale, retail, host hemp events, or anything hemp related can post their items for sale in different categories of their choosing. Whether you use hemp yourself or you are just interested in the industry, […]


October’s Cannabis Corner

Cannabis Event Du Jour – Yes, Please! The Hemp & Seed Dinner hosted among the green hemp plants at Blue Circle Research Farm under the beautiful sunset in Milliken, CO, by Mason Jar Event Group, Organic Alternatives, Organa Brands (aka o.penVAPE), Blue Circle Development, and BDS Analytics, was the classiest, not to mention fun, affair full of delectable food and intelligent cannabis smokers I have ever attended (in public). Maka […]