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KRFC FM: Live @ Lunch Is Back!

After a year-long hiatus for studio renovations and an extreme amount of planning, non-profit Northern Colorado public radio station, KRFC, is officially bringing back their show Live @ Lunch. The tradition of celebrating live and local music will kick off on December 5 with special guests, 12 Cents for Marvin. From noon until 1 p.m.,  Live @ Lunch will feature a variety of local bands from a wide range of […]


The Music District’s Focus on Community

By: DAWN DUNCAN  Erin Roberts is The Music District’s Community Manager. Roberts offered some nuts-and-bolts details about The Music District’s focus and objectives as related to our community as a whole and what we can anticipate as the organization opens its doors this month. Scene: What exactly is The Music District? Roberts: The Music District is a hub for all things music related, a place where musicians can hone their […]


KRFC 88.9 – The Cornerstone of the Music District

By: Carie Gueswel On March 1 2003, a local, non-commercial radio station founded by a team of dedicated community members, broadcasted live for the first time. The idea of a community-minded radio station tailored around promoting local music and supporting community events did not take shape overnight. It took 10 years of planning, fundraising, passion, and dedication to create a radio station that now, over two decades later, has established itself as one of the pillars of northern Colorado. With carefully crafted programming, volunteer […]

Chris K’s Colorado Playlist 10 Year Anniversary

By: Carie Gueswel Chris K’s Colorado Playlist, is celebrating its 10th year on the air! In 2006, a brand new show titled The Colorado Sound hit the airways with Chris K., aka the “Goat,” and longtime radio personality, as its creator and host. Four years later, the show went independent, and in 2016, after selling the original name to KUNC for branding the new 105.5 The Colorado Sound, the program went through a name change and became the widely popular Chris K’s Colorado Playlist. Chris has been in radio for 38 years in […]


Voices of Fort Collins

By: Rebecca LaPole Voices on radio help us navigate traffic, warn us of incoming weather, tell us who won the game, and keep us entertained during our commute. These same voices can also command our attention in person when introducing bands, the next lovely lady to grace the stage, or informing us about goings-on around town. Six of Fort Collins’ most unique and well-known voices took the time to answer […]