Genoa Coffee & Wine – Where Style Meets Food, Drinks & Music

By Chris Pepper-Yowell When it comes to elegance and good taste, Genoa Coffee and Wine knows exactly what it means to provide their customers with a chic, laidback experience of classic Italy. Located at 2614 South Timberline Road, Genoa has been around for over six years. It changed ownership in 2009, and Michael Burns and his family currently manage it. It has become a local hotspot for good food, great […]

Using Therapeutic Yoga to Calm Mind, Body & Soul

By Emily Clingman-Johnson Holistic healthcare and integrated strategies to promote physical health are becoming more and more popular these days. Alternative medicine, including naturopathy, hypnotherapy, Chinese medicine and yoga is in many ways surpassing Western medicine, oftentimes becoming a patient’s first choice. Yoga Therapy is emerging as a popular discipline to address various health challenges. Yoga therapists prescribe specific regimens of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to suit individual […]

The Best We Have to Offer

After a hard day’s work, it’s only fair that I treat myself to the best our great nation has to offer. So tonight, I’m going to pick up a six-pack of Bud Light, eat a big bag of McDonald’s, and listen to Katy Perry’s hit song “E.T.” until my face bleeds. That Katy Perry is just so hot right now, isn’t she? In case you haven’t heard her newest track, […]


How I Got This Amazing Ass (a.k.a. Life After a DUI)

[Editor’s Note: This article educates readers about the possible consequences of getting a DUI by using humor/satire. It is meant solely for entertainment purposes and does not offer any legal advice. The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Scene Magazine.] A lot of people have been asking me how exactly I got this amazing ass. Well, today I’d like to go on record by saying […]

Crops For Health – Eat Good Food to Lower Disease Risk

By Dave Schutz For people fed up with restrictive diets that require cutting certain foods to lower risk of chronic disease such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, CSU Horticulture professor Dr. Henry Thompson has some welcome news: Disease prevention may be all about the food. Thompson helped to create Crops For Health (CFH), a CSU working group uniting six departments across the university focused on analyzing and selecting […]

Harlem Ambassadors to Give 100% of Profits from Loveland Performance to Parkinson’s Charity

By Charlie Englar Many who call Fort Collins home may be unaware of a world-famous group that also names the “Choice City” as its home base. Although they haven’t received much local press over the years, the Harlem Ambassadors Professional Show Basketball Team has an international reputation for being stewards of the community. The team is known for putting on a great show, mixing basketball with comedy to create entertaining […]


New Trend in Chiropractic Care Enhances Active Lifestyles

By Emily Clingman-Johnson It’s that time of year when athletes take advantage of the weather and step up their exercise routines. Colorado’s seemingly endless sun and wide array of outdoor recreation spots will bring climbers, bicyclists, runners, disc golf players and sports enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes out by the masses. Combine that with America’s trend in the past few years to get healthy and you’ll find that Colorado […]

Hunters and Gatherers: Foraging for Nourishment in the Wild World of Fort Collins – A Vegetarian Voyage

By Rebecca Spafford Old Town Fort Collins offers a plethora of culinary choices; one can opt for Thai, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Indian and many fused in between. However, for our second installment of Hunters and Gatherers, we decided to eschew any particular cultural theme and simply embrace the anthem: “No Meat!” We kept our tradition of small samplings in numerous restaurants and let our appetite be our guide – we […]

Hunters and Gatherers: Foraging for Nourishment in the Wild World of Old Town

By Rebecca Spafford On January 14, the publisher of Scene and I set out to “forage” for our dinner in Old Town Fort Collins. Our Mission: Not so “Impossible” and readily accepted; to savor culinary delights and to move beyond the usual “sit down” dinner for a new dining experience. Inspired by the Spanish tradition of the “tapas crawl,” we set out to fill our bellies with small portions of […]