By: Jack Tallgrass Hate Valentine’s Day? Love it? Either way you feel…..warm and lovey or salty as hell, you know who is always there for you? The reefer. Mary Jane. Your BUDZ.  Honestly, as long as I have some great herb on V Day, there is no losing, because CANNABIS IS FOR LOVERS. If you are spending V-Day alone: Love Thyself like the Dude. Your herb will go a lot […]

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By: Jack Tallgrass Spicoli. That dude from Dazed and Confused. Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Yes, we all are familiar with the “TYPICAL” stoner. We Coloradans also know that thousands of people are migrating here to do nothing more than use this state as their parents’ basement……to get high. So, you get high, good for you. But being high, consuming cannabis, and how you represent yourself is a big deal. A […]


Home for the Holidays: A Guide to Weed and Family

By: HOLLY HIGHLIFE Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays, unless your home is the destination for a passel of relatives who don’t share your views on cannabis. For a long time, this kind of stealth required a great deal of effort and some stupid human tricks. I know of two friends who’ve fallen into toilets when the seat collapsed while they were blowing smoke at the bathroom […]



BIKE SEPTEMBER! By Chris Johnson, FC Bikes   Tour De Fat – Sept 3 Tour de Fat is the mother of all bike rides in Northern Colorado. Part group ride, part Mardi Gras parade, New Belgium’s flagship event is Fort Collins’ favorite beer and bike costume party!     Looking to register or check out the route to make sure you can avoid congestion road blocks? Visit: Wondering about the best route to get downtown via […]



BY: HOLLY HIGHLIFE Let’s be honest. Yours truly is great with words but I suck at art. My artistic skills are generally limited to second grade stick figures. The thought of sipping wine while painting in public makes my palms sweat. I have performance anxiety that no amount of wine can fix. The few times I’ve done these events my “art” has gone home and directly to the trash bin. This is why I perked up when I saw a business […]

CELEBRITY WEED: High Profile Strains In the Spotlight

By: Holly Highlife It’s hard to deny that weed and music go together. In America cannabis was widely associated with jazz musicians until it was made illegal. But weed never left the world of jazz and blues. It simply went underground. It burst into the American consciousness again in the 1960’s with hippies, protests and flower children. Fast forward again and rappers openly embrace cannabis, even carving out a genre called “stoner rap” or “weed rap.” Today, weed […]


Terpenes: Cannabis’ Taste and Scent Makers

by Holly Highlife Have you ever had a strain that tastes so amazing that when you find some, it is like running into an old friend? For me, there is a taste in some Hawaiian strains that I absolutely love. For others, it is the taste in Tange or the aroma of Durban Poison. Those tastes and smells are from terpenes in the plant. Terpenes are not exclusive to cannabis […]

Shadows of Atlantis – Awakening (Volume 1)

Book by Mara Powers, Review by Carie Gueswel The realm of Atlantis a picturesque place; the ancient culture is steeped in traditions that are meant to help its citizens live in harmony and balance with nature. Rituals like the nightly mindlight meditations send psychic energy through the Crystal Grid, which powers the cities of Atlantis and creates a collective consciousness among the people. Whoever, there is a darkness that has […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Social Wine Rack Night

by Gregg Adams I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years, and, like every other newbie, I was immediately sucked into the vortex of wine culture. While I enjoyed many great wines, I was frequently put off by the “holier-than-thou” attitudes of the winemakers and their tasting-room minions. It didn’t take long to know my winery vocabulary had better include words like “tannic,” “terroir,” “malo-lactic” and “appellation,” […]


Fort Collins Bike Week Highlights

While the entire month of June is officially Colorado Bike Month, this week is when the wheels really start spinning, and it all culminates in Fort Collins’ Bike to Work Day this Wednesday the 22rd. Bike to Work Day is the day that the city partners with local businesses,bike shops and nonprofits all over town to to set up nearly 50 stations that give out free coffee, breakfast, tuneups, resources, and […]