The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
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Happy Lucky’s Tea House Hosts Tea Club for Book Lovers

Happy Lucky’s Teahouse is hosting a very special Pu-er tea tasting event on February 27 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm in the Old Town teahouse (236 Walnut Street).   Inspired by Lisa See’s novel, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, Tea Club for Book Lovers is an opportunity to learn more about the history and making of Pu-er, the tea featured in this New York Times bestseller. Five rare and […]

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Author Ann Patchett Charms Fort Collins Audience

A girl attended Ann Patchett‘s book signing in Tennessee and brought a stack of novels for the author to sign. The student mentioned an essay assignment, and asked Patchett for ideas on a theme. The celebrated author went through the novels one by one, scribbling a few notes that ended with the same word. They all went something like, “This person or group of people gets stuck with this person […]


David Sedaris Shocks and Astounds

By John Vollinger David Sedaris popped out from the giant, maroon curtains draping the Lincoln Center Stage, and if you looked closely, you could see an energy as vibrant as the bright, red flower ornament on his lapel. Apropos of absolutely nothing—besides, perhaps, of being David Sedaris—he dove into a description of his relentless wish to find what, exactly, people from foreign lands curse at each other on the roads and […]

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Ray Harvey’s Ravishing New Writings

Former Ace Gillett’s bartender Ray Harvey has written two pieces in two months: a non-fiction book titled “101 Things to do Instead of College,” and a novella that titillates with its realistic beauty, plausible sensuality, and provocative characters: “The Woman Who Made A Pact With The Devil.” The point, he says, in writing “101 Things to do Instead of College” was not to condemn college categorically, for condemnation sake, but […]

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Rock ‘N’ Write at the Book Fest

In photo: Kim Gordon The Fort Collins Book Festival is coming in hot for their October 21 event themed “Writing and Riffs.” By reflecting the community’s interest and passion in music and creative arts, this year’s theme will delve into music harder than ever before with a featured lineup consisting of a handful of music industry insiders and award-winning authors. All featured authors will participate in various presentations, readings, and […]

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Live!

One of the oldest ghost stories in American literature, Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, will grace the stage at the Debut Theatre throughout the month of October. The story takes place in colonial New York when the country was still young and ghosts were as real as the storytellers reciting their stories. With crafty acknowledgements toward the future in a clever combination of comedy, tradition, and a handful […]



2014 CSU graduate, Iver Marjerison, has just released his first book, “The Foodist Bucket List: Fort Collins, Colorado,” a guide and compilation of 100 different “edible adventures” to try in Fort Collins, ranging from farmers’ markets to donuts and everything in between. Designed to map to our “foodie culture” of Northern Colorado, food enthusiasts will find unique experiences to try and a fresh approach to the ever-evolving culinary landscape of […]

Shadows of Atlantis – Awakening (Volume 1)

Book by Mara Powers, Review by Carie Gueswel The realm of Atlantis a picturesque place; the ancient culture is steeped in traditions that are meant to help its citizens live in harmony and balance with nature. Rituals like the nightly mindlight meditations send psychic energy through the Crystal Grid, which powers the cities of Atlantis and creates a collective consciousness among the people. Whoever, there is a darkness that has […]


Wolverine Farm Letterpress

by REBECCA LAPOLE There’s a new hotspot in town for makers, creators, hipsters, brew lovers and anyone who wants to learn: Wolverine Farm Letterpress & Publick House. Located at 316 Willow Street in the River District of Fort Collins. The print shop with antique presses opened on Nov. 20 and features a community event/work space and their own Odell’s beer: M56; a yummy IPA named after the tag number of […]

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by DAWN DUNCAN Though a long-time respected, best-selling NY Times author, David Sedaris is fast gaining a reputation as a stand-up comic.  His appearances have gained a cult-like following for his quirky readings that are at once poignant, smart—and hilarious. Colorado is in for a treat this month, first with Sedaris’ stop in Breckenridge on November 8 at the Riverwalk Center (4 pm; tickets at and then in Fort […]