Tour de Pants Preserves More than Just Breeches

Tour de Pants may have started as a way for the community to see a famous pair of pants, but it has evolved to be “sew” much more. “We still bring the pants though,” Nikki Garshelis, Historic Preservation Program Manager and member of the Loveland Historic Preservation Commission said. Started in 2013, Tour de Pants—hosted by the Loveland Historic Preservation Commission and the Loveland Historical Society—was supposed to just be […]

Loveland Museum to feature Larimer County’s 2018 Visual Artist of the Year, Amelia Furman, in new Quest for Power Exhibition

Loveland Museum to feature Larimer County’s 2018 Visual Artist of the Year, Amelia Furman, in new Quest for Power Exhibition

The artwork of local artist and Larimer County Department of Natural Resources 2018 Visual Artist of the Year, Amelia Furman, will be featured in the Museum’s Mezzanine Gallery this spring and summer. The exhibition titled, Quest for Power will include artwork created by Furman’s hallmark technique of layered images along with relatable historic items from the Museum’s historic collection. Quest for Power is a history as art exhibition opening to […]

Loveland Bike Club

Community Through Cycling: One Gear at a Time

The Loveland Cycling Club (LCC) recently rolled onto the scene, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to shift into some high gears.   Started in late 2017 by Dean Warren, the LCC officially began in October 2018. “Dean moved away, but there was six of us that kept riding,” Darcy Speer, Loveland Cycling Club Board president said. “We wanted to keep this group going and growing.” At their December […]

Music News

Guide to Front Range Music Venues – Thunder Mountain Amphitheater

At this point, I’ve covered a handful of venues  – the majority of them being in smaller club settings. But with Summer right around the corner, I figured its time we bring another outdoor venue into the mix. We’re all aware of Red Rocks and its beauty, and if you’ve been keeping up with this venue guide, you know about The Mish in Poudre Canyon. Both are amazing options for […]

Top 5

NOCO Top 5: Best places for a date in 2018

By: Lily Morford, the New Scene Feature Reporter With Valentine’s Day being the general theme for the month of February and the scent of red roses and chocolate candy lingering in the Northern Colorado air, we thought we’d present the top five places to take your honey on a date. #1 Downtown Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park (Rural)   If you and your partner are into hiking, (and even […]

Toakesz: Tadpole Oakes Zamora Lifts His Heart up to the Sun!

By: Kelly Suda   Tyson Oakes Zamora, known as Toakesz, is a one-man band from Loveland that carries the heart of psyche rock vibes from San Diego. The album Tadpole Oakes Zamora Lifts His Heart up to the Sun! is representative of his free spirit that spreads the seeds of his real life experiences into a kaleidoscope of colorful soundscapes. The song “Belly Button Sun” is reflective of the unique […]

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By: Kristin Curtis Since its beginning in the early 1980s, Cirque du Soleil has allowed people to have a mind blowing (trip minus) the acid. Fire breathing, juggling, body contortions, wild costumes, original music, and bold stunts are some of the characteristics that make up a Cirque du Soleil show. It all started in Canada when a group of colorful characters led by Guy Laliberté went on tour in 1984 as […]



BY: HOLLY HIGHLIFE Let’s be honest. Yours truly is great with words but I suck at art. My artistic skills are generally limited to second grade stick figures. The thought of sipping wine while painting in public makes my palms sweat. I have performance anxiety that no amount of wine can fix. The few times I’ve done these events my “art” has gone home and directly to the trash bin. This is why I perked up when I saw a business […]