Music News

Musketeer Gripweed Pulls Rock Music Up From the Roots

By Matt Minich On the CSU campus, Musketeer Gripweed frontman Jason Downing doesn’t stick out. A sociology instructor during the school year, he looks every bit the part. Tall and thin, he has a bushy red beard and long hair tucked back into a ponytail. His movements are a bit jerky, and he has a seemingly involuntary tendency to pull his shirt collar up over his nose and mouth. Onstage […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Group Brings Art to Youth Probation

By Matt Minich In no way does the inside of the TCAMP studio in Old Town Fort Collins look like it was built to house juvenile delinquents. The walls are devoid of posters warning about the danger of drugs, alcohol or unprotected sex; instead, they are covered almost floor to ceiling with paintings and drawings. Back rooms are filled with musical instruments, recording equipment and a Nintendo Wii. In short, […]

Backbone Brings Affordable Gourmet Fare to Loveland

By Matt Minich At first glance, Backbone Gourmet Grub & Brewhouse seems an unlikely choice for Loveland’s best new restaurant. Housed on the La Quinta Inn and Suites complex at the mouth of the Big Thompson Canyon, the restaurant is half the size of most family dining spots, and actually shares a building with one of the hotel’s event facilities. Just past the hostess stand, however, is the product of […]


Local Distillery Puts the Class Back in Vodka

By Matt Minich Where liquors are concerned, vodka doesn’t have the best reputation. At its very best, many think of it as a tasteless, odorless elixir mixed into another drink. At its worst, the stuff is known as a recipe for shame and regret sold off in plastic one-gallon jugs. To Heather Bean and Jeff Copeland of Syntax Spirits, however, vodka is high art. In a Greeley tasting room between […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Taking “Upcycling” to the Next Level: Couple Breathes New Life into Abandoned Furniture

By Matt Minich Everything about Matthew and Danelle Britt’s studio seems recycled. Tucked into a shed off of North College Avenue, the workshop is filled with well-used equipment and an eclectic assortment of materials. A stack of metal tabletops rests against one wall; about a dozen schoolroom desks are piled against another. These are the materials for Wool Hat, a budding local business that crafts artisanal furniture from Fort Collins’ […]


The Perfect Cup: One Local Entrepeneur Hopes to Bring Craft Coffee to Fort Collins

By Matt Minich Jonathan S. Jarrow makes one hell of a cup of coffee. Jarrow has spent the last eight years mastering all things ground and roasted. His kitchen is filled with top-of-the-line gizmos for brewing the perfect cup of joe, and the walls are decorated with awards he’s won as a competitive barista and roaster. He doesn’t just read books about the chemistry behind coffee, he knows the authors […]


The Tale of Two Bars: Local Businesses Focus on the Important Stuff – The Beer

By Matt Minich Late this summer, two new bars opened in Fort Collins. One has been widely publicized; the other has intentionally been kept secret. The owner of one is a retired real estate mogul, the other a heavily tattooed high school dropout. In many ways, The Mayor of Old Town and The Forge Publick House are completely different places. But they both want the same customer: you. If you’re […]