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ZEMBU: the day I found out my mom died by suicide

ZEMBU is a female musician and producer with Japanese-Jewish-American roots. Born and raised in Seattle, she is now based in Colorado, where she made her debut in the music world this January with “Lavender Taste,” a song about the subtleties of falling in love with her partner, Becca. Human is a song about the day she found out her mom died by suicide. Poetically honest, ZEMBU will take you on an […]

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By: Carie Gueswel Mental health affects how a person thinks, what they feel, how they act, and the way they cope with life. The state of one’s mental health can strongly influence how they see themselves, their lives and their relationship to others, as well as influence the successes and achievements one will accomplish throughout their lifetime. Mental illness is considered by professionals to be any condition that causes atypical […]