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Scenes from The Clairvoyant North American Tour

Progressive metal band The Contortionist are in the middle of a headlining tour promoting their newest album – Clairvoyant. The album was released in September of 2017, bringing along new sounds and intricate guitar patterns unlike anything the band had done before. Performing with them them on the tour are bands Silent Planet and Strawberry Girls. Last Saturday they stopped in Denver – and I was lucky enough to go. […]

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Album Review: Secrets’ Self-Titled LP

Despite what its name may suggest, the new self-titled album from San Diego post-hardcore quartet Secrets—which currently consists of vocalist/rhythm guitarist/keyboardist/pianist Richard Rogers, lead guitarist Michael Sherman, screamer Wade Walters and bassist Connor Branigan—is not a quiet thing. Whatever secrets the record contains are not whispered in hushed tones. Rather, they bleed forth in angsty vocals, heavy chords, and machine-gun drum parts. But the hardcore elements of the record do […]



By: Josh Rivera Photo By: John Robson Looking for the perfect soundtrack to drink PBR, shred the skate sesh, and maybe get a little rowdy in the pit? Sounds like you need to catch a Combatillac show! The guys first met in late 2015 at a Celebration of Life service for their mutual friend, Donnie Bockman. The service was held at drummer Craig Powell’s home, and eventually turned into a jam […]

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by: Avalon Clare The first track on Plasma Canvas’ self titled debut album starts with a scream. Vocalist Jamie Lynn Axton screamed so hard while recording the vocals for it that she puked. It’s an intense choice for an opener, one that Axton herself described as “inaccessible.” “If you can get past “The Killer, Majestic”, you’ve earned the rest of the album,” she said. The rest of Plasma Canvas is […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Broken Bow – Desolation

By: Jeremy Fleischer 3/5 STARS Fort Collins’ Broken Bow aptly calls its musical style “jug metal,” and a quick googling of the term suggests they invented it. This alone deserves applause, for it’s a style that should have come along sooner. Metal has always had a hard-on for the technical, from guitar playing with speed and precision to neurotically tuning the drums. At times, it fine-tunes the heart out of […]