Building a greener tour bus

Biodiesel group crowd-funding a sustainable alternative for traveling bands By Steve Graham Eric Skjerseth and Jennifer Zidon are building what they call the nation’s most sustainable tour bus to help get touring bands off of fossil fuels. And they could use your help. They are crowd-funding a project to upgrade and remodel a former city bus into a cushy traveling home for touring bands, and the bus will run on […]


The Mishawaka Amphitheatre and Z2 Entertainment join forces

The Mishawaka Amphitheatre and Z2 Entertainment are proud to announce that they are joining forces once again to enhance the live music landscape of Fort Collins with an agreement to book and operate the historic Aggie Theatre, 204 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colo., currently operated by the ownership group of Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver. “Z2 Entertainment has been considering the Fort Collins market for quite some time,” says […]

Longevity Productions at Hodi's

Why You Don’t Need to Leave Fort Collins to Find a Bass Music Scene

Some say the grass is greener 60 miles down the road.   And although I’m not referring to the marijuana of the Mile High, which would be an argument for an entirely separate column, I am alluding to Denver’s reputation as the “Bass Capital” (of yes, the world).   Tired cliches aside, Denver has and forever will play the bigger, greener brother to Fort Collins. There’s no ignoring that—the fact […]

Dead Floyd plays the Mishawaka 6/16 for the ninth year.
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Dead Floyd’s Annual Mishawaka Performance is Here

Dead Floyd is a regionally touring band from the Front Range that started in Fort Collins nine years ago. The band has a devoted following as it blends tunes from two bands, the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, but members create a matchless sound of their own. Since the band’s conception, they play the Mishawaka every year. Dead Floyd is one of the few local bands that packs the Mish […]

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Euforquestra – Aggie Theatre – Sat., October 28, 2017

By: Will Black Euforquestra, the current incarnation of which consists of female vocalist Kim Dawson (of Pimps of Joytime), keyboardist Matt Wright, bassist Otis Lande, drummer/vocalist Jeff Peterson, guitarist/vocalist Mike Tallman, trumpeter Matt Bricker and saxophonist/vocalist Austin Zaletel, took the stage Saturday at Aggie Theatre, delivering a set comprised exclusively of Led Zeppelin classics. Euforquestra stuck to Zeppelin’s script for iconic anthems like “Immigrant Song” and “Rock and Roll,” both […]

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Live & Local with Essential Sounds

In photo: I Am The Owl The Mishawaka Amphitheatre has partnered with Campus West’s Road 34 to present a new live music series focused on stripped-down gritty hard rock, Essential Sounds. The venue is reviving its love for live music under new ownership starting Saturday, November 4 at 9 p.m. with a two-hour set from I Am The Owl. This local band formed in late 2014 with a punk, metal, […]

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“We want to cultivate a community of dreamers,” said Dani Grant, Mishawaka Amphitheatre owner and general manager, “and the Mish Initiative makes it easy to foster creative thinking and encourage giving.” Grant, who founded the now-dormant music nonprofit SpokesBUZZ, designed the Mish Initiative program to be simple, straightforward, and flexible – in part as a response to more traditional philanthropic efforts that require “too much paper and too many rules.” […]

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Three time Grammy-nominated band, Highly Suspect, will be playing at the Mishawaka on Saturday, September 30. Making up the trio is Johnny Stevens (guitar/vocals) and fraternal twin brothers Rich (bass/vocals) and Ryan Meyer (drums/vocals) who are more confident than ever to take their fall American tour to another level. “It’s a family of positivity that we’re really trying to build,” said Stevens. “Our whole purpose is not just about being […]

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Don’t Miss Marlon Williams at Mishawaka Amphitheatre This Saturday

New Zealand’s Marlon Williams makes great American country music. His first full release, the self-titled Marlon Williams, channels the haunting blues of Lead Belly, the frolics of Gram Parsons, and songwriting of Father John Misty. His breakout, a cover of the traditional ballad, “When I Was a Young Girl,” is so forlornly beautiful that he makes an extremely strong case as the best Jeff Buckley acolyte in a generation. A […]


Bluegrass band from Nashville, The SteelDrivers, will be taking the stage on August 26 at Mishawaka Amphitheatre in Bellvue. As 2016 Grammy winners for Best Bluegrass Album, The SteelDrivers seem to be such an engaging band due to their incongruous blend of blues and country, soul and slink, mountain coal and red dirt. “I think that’s what moves people when come to see us: the realness and rawness and edge,” […]