Simple Beer Cocktails, to Amp Up Your Favorite Ales

A beer cocktail can be one of two things; a cocktail where you replace the spirit with beer or a cocktail with both spirit and beer. Either option is guaranteed to delight. Beer is perfect on its own, but as a cocktail novice, I wanted to expand my taste horizons within my comfort zone. The idea of creating a beer cocktail was certainly intimidating. But with a little research, help […]

Terry McNerney: redefining “street art” on a major scale

If you live in Fort Collins, chances are you’ll never say, “oh look at that dirty old brick wall” or “how ugly those electrical transformer boxes are.” The reason for this is Terry McNerney keeping our city pretty. The veteran muralist is the personality behind the beautiful street art that makes Fort Collins so unique. Illustrator McNerney originally had no experience painting when he was asked to do a mural […]