Hey Mikey, you’ll like it: Cooking a meal might help get kids to eat different foods

By Emily Kemme Sapna Von Reich wants to eliminate the fear of cooking at an early age. By offering kid-friendly, hands-on classes, she believes she’s making progress. With a goal of getting kids aged 6 to 12 comfortable in the kitchen, she encourages them to try new foods. Von Reich starts off by asking a rhetorical question that’s steeped in philosophy.  “What’s your favorite food? Pizza — well, how would […]

Family friendly breweries

Craft Brewed Kids

Are Breweries Truly Family Friendly?   In Northern Colorado, breweries are so much more than a yummy, bubbly production facility. They promote healthy lifestyles by being bike accessible, encourage community and culture through live music and advocate for families by providing enclosed, comfortable spaces. Taprooms have become a magnet for parents. I mean, how many places can you can drink quality beer, bring your own gluten-free snacks, get your kids […]


Kids wanna rock

By Steve Graham Like many young children, Grace Kuch started taking piano lessons at age 4. She also played bluegrass mandolin in a strings program at Laurel Elementary School. But her first ax changed her life. “I got an electric guitar when I was 10 for Christmas, and that kind of swept me off my feet,” Kuch said. Five years later, she has taken her electric guitar to blues festivals […]