October’s Cannabis Corner

Cannabis Event Du Jour – Yes, Please! The Hemp & Seed Dinner hosted among the green hemp plants at Blue Circle Research Farm under the beautiful sunset in Milliken, CO, by Mason Jar Event Group, Organic Alternatives, Organa Brands (aka o.penVAPE), Blue Circle Development, and BDS Analytics, was the classiest, not to mention fun, affair full of delectable food and intelligent cannabis smokers I have ever attended (in public). Maka […]

Music News

Blind Pig Thursday Nights Live!

In photo: Taylor Scott Band and Shaped Music have joined forces to form B.E.A.T. (Best Entertainment Around Town) Productions. Their collaborative efforts bring a series of free live concerts every week, billed as Thursday Nights Live! at the Blind Pig. These concerts are made possible by a sponsorship from Organic Alternatives that brings a brand new PA system, installed in September, exclusively for these events. All performances are filmed […]



By: Jack Tallgrass Sponsored by: Organic Alternatives The power of the sun is ULTIMATE power. When our sun dies…implodes, and destroys our universe…we die… better use that giant cosmic lamp to grow the BEST cannabis EVER! NOW! Growing cannabis outdoors can pose a great deal of challenges, but cannabis grown with the power of the REAL sun, can be SUPERIOR! Consider the following when cultivating outdoors this Spring/Summer/Fall: Location! Location! […]



By: Holly Highlife Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, chances are good you’ll be buying some presents this holiday season. So what to buy for the cannabis lover in your life? “The PAX3 is going to be pretty sweet,” says Maka Kala’i of Organic Alternatives. This PAX vaporizer is going to be the first product that works equally well with flowers and concentrate by using three interchangeable lids; one […]


Home for the Holidays: A Guide to Weed and Family

By: HOLLY HIGHLIFE Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays, unless your home is the destination for a passel of relatives who don’t share your views on cannabis. For a long time, this kind of stealth required a great deal of effort and some stupid human tricks. I know of two friends who’ve fallen into toilets when the seat collapsed while they were blowing smoke at the bathroom […]

CELEBRITY WEED: High Profile Strains In the Spotlight

By: Holly Highlife It’s hard to deny that weed and music go together. In America cannabis was widely associated with jazz musicians until it was made illegal. But weed never left the world of jazz and blues. It simply went underground. It burst into the American consciousness again in the 1960’s with hippies, protests and flower children. Fast forward again and rappers openly embrace cannabis, even carving out a genre called “stoner rap” or “weed rap.” Today, weed […]