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“We want to cultivate a community of dreamers,” said Dani Grant, Mishawaka Amphitheatre owner and general manager, “and the Mish Initiative makes it easy to foster creative thinking and encourage giving.” Grant, who founded the now-dormant music nonprofit SpokesBUZZ, designed the Mish Initiative program to be simple, straightforward, and flexible – in part as a response to more traditional philanthropic efforts that require “too much paper and too many rules.” […]

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MUSIC GO ROUND: Giving Back To Community, Musicians

By: Dawn Duncan When Brandon Barrios became a Music Go Round franchise in 2014 and opened the Fort Collins store, he embarked on a journey that reminded him of his upbringing in Orlando, FL. There, the budding multi-instrumentalist discovered a local shop that specialized in selling used musical instruments. Because of that store and the couple who owned it, Barrios was given access to instruments and opportunity that would have […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Musician’s Angel Network Launches

by Jennifer Lauren Bowers Most local musicians with enough experience have gotten the call. The “We-really-hate-to-ask-but-we-are-gonna-do-it-anyway-can-you-play-for-free?” call. It’s as hard a call to make as it is to receive. Usually hailing from a nonprofit organization, the call is not meant to undervalue one’s talent, or make light of one’s passions, but rather to give a musician the opportunity to use their gift for a great cause that supports their community. […]