THE POUDRE POUR Nourishing Our Community

Nourishing the community

By THE POUDRE POUR     Leonardo Di Vinci said, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Here in Northern Colorado, water from the Cache la Poudre River is the source of our world-class produce, herbs, spices, breweries, distilleries, meats, cheeses, and other amazing artisanal products. Chef Kent and Chef Emmy from Z Catering are working their culinary magic to combine these ingredients into a mouth-watering array of appetizers […]

Music News

A Guide to Front Range Music Venues – The Mishawaka

This is a fun one. The Mishawaka – AKA “The Mish” – is an outdoor amphitheater and bar in the heart of the Poudre Canyon. It’s idea was developed in 1916 by a motorcyclist named Walter S. Thompson – a man who had a dream of starting his own dance hall. It has come a long way since then. As it stands today, The Mish is one of the most […]