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Why You Don’t Need to Leave Fort Collins to Find a Bass Music Scene

Some say the grass is greener 60 miles down the road.   And although I’m not referring to the marijuana of the Mile High, which would be an argument for an entirely separate column, I am alluding to Denver’s reputation as the “Bass Capital” (of yes, the world).   Tired cliches aside, Denver has and forever will play the bigger, greener brother to Fort Collins. There’s no ignoring that—the fact […]

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Traveling Into an Other Dimension

  In photo: Mr. Crumbs Local live painter Stephen Hernlund, better known as Mr. Crumbs, is a friendly face in the Fort Collins music community. He has been living in Fort Collins for six years and started live painting in the music scene three years ago. He has quickly built up a rapport for himself in the community through the fusion of music and art in the creation of his […]