Race to Neptune

“Abandon Fashion”

  Race to Neptune “Abandon Fashion” Race to Neptune isn’t shy about loving the ’90s. They proudly proclaim their debt to the alternative era, and they wear some of their influences on their sleeves. “Departure” has some Ride-worthy shoegaze guitar swirl and the soaring melody of an early Smashing Pumpkins track. Elsewhere, “Mortal Melody” opens with minor-chord Soundgarden fuzz in a long, confident and slow-building instrumental intro. Then singer Brian Maier […]

Sugar Britches

“Don’t Make Her a Mixtape Yet You Idiot”

Listen while you read — Sugar Britches “Don’t Make Her a Mixtape Yet You Idiot” on Spotify   Brian Johanson and Josh Long perform as Sugar Britches, northern Colorado’s answer to the Old 97’s. Both groups take roots music far more seriously than they take themselves. Both groups can write hooks that stick like flypaper. And both groups benefit from versatile guitarists and clever songwriters. The Old 97’s named its […]

The Blind Alley Troubadours —Color the Clay

By: Jeremy Fleischer 3 stars If Fort Collins’ The Blind Alley Troubadours weren’t so damn good at what they do, they would easily get a foot trapped in the snare of cliché alt-country. Instead, on the debut LP, Color the Clay, they are clearly working to create their own place in that legacy. While the band describes itself as “folk n’ roll,” the country influence is high in the Americana mix. John-Erik Priegel’s vocals strikes a nice balance between the hard life […]