Sugar Britches

“Don’t Make Her a Mixtape Yet You Idiot”

Listen while you read — Sugar Britches “Don’t Make Her a Mixtape Yet You Idiot” on Spotify   Brian Johanson and Josh Long perform as Sugar Britches, northern Colorado’s answer to the Old 97’s. Both groups take roots music far more seriously than they take themselves. Both groups can write hooks that stick like flypaper. And both groups benefit from versatile guitarists and clever songwriters. The Old 97’s named its […]


Gasoline Lollipops Drive Their Train into the Swing Station

By: Rebecca LaPole The highway, drugs and alcohol and God (which can be kind-of the same thing), poverty, heartbreak, women, darkness, the oblivion. Rhythmically; the wheels of a train. Harmonically; the wind of the highway,” Clay Rose, frontman of Boulder-based band, the Gasoline Lollipops, waxed poetic when asked about the inspiration for their songs and the lyrics he writes. Straight off the heels of a big show with their two […]



Charlie Parr, RL Cole, Wonky Tonk and Sam Gillis recently performed at Swing Station in LaPorte, CO. Here is how they kept everyone grooving into the early hours of the morning.   BY: REBECCA LAPOLE Sam Gillis opened the night on a stool, with his guitar, singing songs that were “blues-y as hell,” according to RL Cole, who followed him up with his own brand of possessed, gritty, soul with […]