There is no There – Marcos Martinez

By: Nate Day In his self-released soft-rock album, Marcos Martinez channels his inner Paul Simon and John Lennon with less oomph and excitement than his historical predecessors. While it’s clear that Martinez is a great guitarist and a more-than-decent lyricist, his vocals are fairly boring and the songs often lack the head-banging quality that Martinez and his team are shooting for. On the other hand, Martinez is able to perform […]


San Fermin and Briana Marela On September 21, you can catch San Fermin and Briana Marela at Downtown Artery. San Fermin came together in 2013, while releasing their self-titled debut album. One which NPR called “one of the year’s most ambitious, evocative, and moving records.” Their sophomore album Jackrabbit released in April 2015, and landed as #8 on the Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. Accompanying San Fermin will be Briana Marela, who […]

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Photo By: stephen houseworth photography   Grammy winning fingerpicker and Pat Donohue has been the lead guitar player and songwriter for The Guy’s All Star Shoe Band on the NPR favorite “A Prairie Home Companion” for over twenty years, making him one of the most listened-to fingerpickers in the world. In addition to traveling with the show and performing on the weekly radio broadcasts, Donohue plays concerts and teaches workshops at the […]

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Kevin Morby – Downtown Artery

In 2016, Kevin Morby came out with a gorgeously produced album, Singing Saw. Then, Morby put out this year’s redemptive City Music, a timely soundtrack for life in general. On the gospel-infused “Pearly Gates,” a pump organ, like America, chugs long, leaving the singer to wonder what’s coming our way on Judgement Day. In the Latin-sounding “Night Time,” Morby is listening to Dylan, watching life go on beneath the barrio […]

Local Art Comes to Life at Festivals

Calling all art lovers! A group of creatives coined The Rocky Mountain High Flyers Guild is working at the Creatorspace in Loveland building a 40+ ft. LED-lit, fire-topped, modular, climbable sculpture that has been granted Honorarium status at Burning Man 2017.  It will not be burned, however, and is scheduled to be installed at some capacity at the ARISE Festival, Denver’s Maker Faire, along with Loveland’s 2018 Fire and Ice […]


CLOACAS First Fridays in Fort Collins are always a fun time. This month, the fun will only continue as you head to Downtown Artery to catch Cloacas, a six-piece gypsy-jazz-theater-folk group. Yes, that is a mouthful that results in music for everyone—folk, americana, classical, jazz, and even American gothic. If you can’t already tell, Cloacas has a variety of instruments to help them achieve their unique sound including: banjo, mandolin, […]


MUSIC WITH A CAUSE: Grayson Erhard Releases New Single

By: Ainhoa Palacios   Photography: Melissa Statler,@mnstatler Hailing from Del Norte, Colorado, Grayson Erhard is known for a unique “tap-style” of guitar which he pairs with moving vocals. Over the years, Erhard has released songs like “Manifest” and “Tapestry” in which his lyrics convey powerful messages. Aside from the meaningful tunes Erhard produces, he recently teamed up with ChangeNote for a big cause. ChangeNote is an organization that “believes the power of music has […]

Music News

The Underground Music Showcase Announces Second Round of Artists

  Yet another incredible festival is approaching. The Underground Music Showcase is the largest indie music festival in the Rocky Mountain region. Now, on its 17th year, this four-day celebration continues to celebrate local music and art, while donating all local net proceeds to the Denver Post Community, and Youth on Record. The first lineup announcement included almost 200 artists, and their latest lineup release includes Zola Jesus, Sleepy Sun, […]

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Back in October of 2016, Artspace, the nation’s leader in artist-led community transformations, visited Fort Collins hoping to gauge the interest and need to create more affordable housing and workspaces for local artist, and creatives. While the results of the meetings and focus groups conducted were positive, Artspace recommended a more in depth analysis. Well months later, the in depth analysis is in the form of online surveys. All individuals, organizations […]


Ayla Nereo Returns to Enchant Denver

By: Kaia Femenías Photo by: Erik Roush Photography   Several months ago, I rounded a corner and walked along Pearl Street just as I would have done any other day.  Fortunately, a stunning poster marked with the entrancing word “Wildlight” caught my eye and promptly saw me through into a period of my life riddled with inexplicably crafted melodies, and some of the most soul touching lyrics I have heard to date. […]