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Local Artist Daniel Ibanez Goes Back to the Future

By Dave Schutz Fort Collins artist Daniel Ibanez explains his recent work with an excitement bordering on nervousness as he riffs on topics ranging from The Fifth Element; Cormac McCarthy; science fiction as a tool to address touchy cultural issues; and how we use the past and the future to understand the present. All of this relates to a crop of sci-fi themed digital pieces Ibanez has been producing. One […]

Local Computer Software Training Company Launches Classes in Digital Photography

By Emily Clingman-Johnson Digital cameras have revolutionized modern photography. Their afforda-bility and the emergence of photo editing software programs like Adobe Photoshop© makes it possible for just about anyone to turn an ordinary photo into something artistic and professional. That is, if you know how to use them. “There has never been a better time to start photography,” says Josh Hardin, owner of Viewfinder Media. “Digital allows us to get […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Painting the Town Red Rocks: Local Artist Paints World-Class Venue

By Maggie Canty-Shafer Julie Downing doesn’t stop just to smell the flowers. She stops to revel in their design, their beauty and intricacies. She stops to soak in each petal and leaf, the colors and contrast, the miracle of its life. She stops to thank what she knows as Mother Nature for such a perfect and delicate piece of artwork, and also to wonder how she’ll incorporate it into her […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Artist Uses Medium to Raise Money for Haiti

By Maggie Canty-Shafer Artist Abby Sponaugle can find hope in a trashcan. After rebuilding an orphanage destroyed by the hurricane in Haiti, the 23-year-old artist painted 32 of the resident children’s portraits on old window frames purchased from ReSource. She sells them for $150 – the price of the child’s education for one year. “I wanted a more creative form of school sponsorship,” she said. “Something tangible, that could add […]