Simple Beer Cocktails, to Amp Up Your Favorite Ales

A beer cocktail can be one of two things; a cocktail where you replace the spirit with beer or a cocktail with both spirit and beer. Either option is guaranteed to delight. Beer is perfect on its own, but as a cocktail novice, I wanted to expand my taste horizons within my comfort zone. The idea of creating a beer cocktail was certainly intimidating. But with a little research, help […]

Photo by High Hops Brewery.

Craft breweries pair for wild new tastes in Collaboration Fest

By Savannah Hayes Orr Collaboration feels so natural in the Colorado craft beer scene. It’s one of those rare industries where a rivalry is hard to find. Craft breweries truly support each other. You need a few extra bags of two-row pale malt? Call your neighboring brewery. Having your taproom grand opening? Invite all the other surrounding breweries and taprooms. One brewery’s success only elevates the entire industry. The Colorado Collaboration Festival was […]


Weldwerks Brewing Co. Bringing In the Sunlight

By: Kaarina Robson Photos by: John Robson Driving the back way from Fort Collins to Greeley, passing multiple cow herds, fields, silos and a grain elevator, I swore I was back in my home state of Nebraska. Eventually the scenic highway turned into the downtown drag and I came upon the gloriously inviting beer destination of Weldwerks Brewing Co. Owner Colin Jones and wife Melissa, who lovingly reps FoCo/Loveland, greeted us […]