WRITE MINDED: Fresh Talent Showcase Winners Ready for More

By: Dawn Duncan It was March of 2015 the first time I was introduced to Write Minded and their engaging, unique sound. I was upstairs at the 512 Bar, in the heart of downtown Austin, TX, for South by Southwest and the Colorado Music Party. It had started raining onto the upstairs rooftop music space and I, along with a hundred or so of my closest friends, decided to descend […]


Write Minded Wins Scene Magazine Fresh Talent Showcase

By: Argento Studios Write Minded: a Fresh-Funk-Fusion-Jam-breaking-genre-boundary-band  competed for Scene Magazine Fresh Talent Showcase and took home the grand prize pack that includes free recording time, a spread on the cover and a spot at the Arise Festival. Write Minded calls Fort Collins home. They are a six-piece band comprised of: Vocals / Sam Mouton (who competed on The Voice in 2012) Vocals / Jesse Neth Bass / Jarod Ford (Turtlebear) Guitar / Forrester […]


Write Minded For The Win

By: Ainhoa Palacios  For those of you who haven’t heard the great news yet,  the local band Write Minded was recently awarded the Best Funk/Fusion/Jam Album for their album “Eye Above” at the 15th annual Independent Music Awards. Pretty. Big. Deal. The band, who formed January of 2015, has a unique style of music that flirts with a range of genres— everything from hip-hop, rock, reggae, funk, and soul, attracting all sorts of […]


BY: JEREMY FLEISCHER 3.5/5 stars There once was a term tossed around in Colorado: “hippie-hop.” It described a certain style of band – now largely extinct – that combined jam rock and hip-hop. It was a terrible sound; no one could pull it off. But it did contribute to some incredible live band hip-hop, like Peace Officer and The Flobots. Well, now we have Write Minded. The Fort Collins troupe, which traces origins to the Def Rhymes Divine […]